I Stopped Playing the Lottery. Here Is Why

I Stopped Playing the Lottery

You probably didn’t expect to hear this from me, but it’s a fact that I quit playing the lottery. Yes, I quit playing the conventional lottery. Some of my friends have made a few good arguments why the online lottery is not THE Lottery. However, I’ve also made my share of arguments and I intend to stick to them.

I know many of you have gone through the same struggle. I’m 100% positive you’ve been in some of the below listed situations, arguments, call them whatever you like. Let’s stay on point and go into the details of why I quit playing the lottery and I switched to playing it online.

I Started Losing My Lottery Tickets

Not only it hurts my feelings, but this also hurts my wallet. Some of these lottery tickets carried profits, and I couldn’t get a hold on them. I didn’t do it on purpose, I mean come on! I simply started to forget, other things became more important than the lottery. However, once the draw took place and the results were out, I used to get this feeling, this cold sweat. I was blaming myself, and I had every right to do so!

This problem was a thing of the past once I started playing the lottery online. As long as I have access to my email, I have all of my lottery tickets in one place. Not to mention the lottery player account! Have you ever lost a lottery ticket yourself? How about a winning lottery ticket? I bet you have! Everybody has gone through the struggle of dealing with it.

It Interfered with My Daily Activities

Now, it wasn’t as big of a problem, but it still was a problem. Going out of home solely for the reason of buying lottery tickets, or making a huge detour on my way to work, now that hurt. My S/O was trying to open my eyes, and prove that I’m wrong. She was right.

Fortunately, now I don’t have to change my schedule to play the lottery. It’s as simple as sending an SMS, or making a call with your smartphone. It doesn’t take more than 30 seconds and I’m in the race for multimillion jackpots!

My Favorite Local Lottery Shop Closed

This was the omen, the calm before the storm. Because of poor performance, the local shop where I used to buy the lottery tickets was closed. The owner of the store had to relocate because of high rent charges. Unfortunately, the profits were lower than his expectations.

In a way, I was playing the lottery because of him. He knew when and how to crack a joke. He knew how to make my day, even I was the saddest being on Earth.

As I said, this was just the bad sign. A series of unfortunate events was underway that eventually made me quit playing the lottery.

The Lottery I Was Playing Changed Too Much

I bet nobody expected something like this happening, at least not at the turn of the century. Nonetheless, the lottery was literally revamped. It didn’t look like anything it was before. And unsurprisingly, I quit! The lottery offer was poor, so my only way out was to start playing the lottery online.

Boy, was I surprised by the sheer lottery options! I could play the lottery from across the continent and compete with lottery players from the other coast.

The best part was I was able to play a lottery that had similar rules to the one I had to quit, because of reasons! Yes, I hate change, I don’t like changing my daily schedule, and I don’t like going out of my comfort zone. That’s my secret to success!

Although Rare, Online Lottery Discounts are a Thing Worthy to be Considered

Online lottery retailers have gone through certain struggling times. During these periods, they have to come up with special promotions, discounts and whatnot, to attract more lottery players. I must admit, they had my attention.

Nothing beats a free lottery. Well, maybe a lottery ticket that brings a million dollars beats a free ticket, but those are the rare kind.

Although I liked the clerk working in the local retail shop, I never got any free lottery tickets. I was a well-known passionate lottery player, yet I never received any discounts. Imagine the look on my face when I first found out about online lottery, and when I was introduced to these promotions. That was probably one of the happiest moments of my life.

I Was Curious and Greedy – I Wanted More

It’s human nature. As I got older, I wanted more out of the lottery. For example, the local lottery I was playing paid no more than $1m, and that was the jackpot. If nobody won the jackpot, the jackpot rolled down and secondary prizes became bigger. Now this is a generous lottery, but I can’t match what the Powerball, the Mega Millions or the lottery across the pond EuroMillions.

You see, quantity breeds quality, there’s no doubt about that. It’d be foolish of me not to reach for these lucrative jackpots, not even try! After all, many players are already in the race for them, so why not join the party?!

However, greed is rarely a good human characteristic. Then again, it kind of felt good. It led me to something bigger, better and more convenient!

In Simple Words, I Found Something Better

Couldn’t have said it better. As I said earlier, it was a series of events that eventually pointed in the right direction. I was on auto pilot, until I realized what was in front of me. Note, this took place years ago. The concept of online lottery was too much to digest.

I was making baby steps, but I was certain I was onto something good. And another thing, I doubt I will ever quit online lottery. Unless technology takes us to different heights, maybe a quantum lottery of some kind, I’m not giving up on the online lottery as we know it today.

Years after I stopped playing the lottery, I’m still into the jackpots, with the same fire and passion! By the way, I have a feeling I’m close to winning one, any day now.

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