How to avoid lottery scams and stay safe while playing lotto online

Lottery scams

Lottery scams are easy to fall for

Certain people who do not participate in lottery games often cite reasons of avoiding being conned. Partly, their reasoning is valid. This is because in as much as lotteries serve as a means of getting a lot of money without killing yourself while at it, sometimes they are not so. Just like in many other fields in this world, conmen exist. Unscrupulous people masquerading in lottery websites con people through lottery scams. It is quite an obvious pattern now that wherever there is money being made, some people want to reap where they did not plant, scammers fit in this category. This article basically looks at ways in which lottery players lose their fortunes out of being duped.

Down to basics, scammers are just fake lottery companies. They try hard to present themselves as authentic as possible so as to convince the player to spend money on their services. Many people especially beginners in the game actually fall in the trap. It is of value therefore to discover how to identify scammers and avoid them.

This begins with fundamental steps. The best thing a player should do at the very beginning is to make a small research on the lottery companies that actually deliver proven authentic services. This is one way of filtering lottery scams by identifying true lottery websites. Do a Google search and know what attributes the companies have. If a scammer pulls a con game on you, it will be easy to point out their fakes.

The next step involves tickets for playing the games. These need to be bought by the player himself. Do not rely on so called middlemen or suspicious agents. They definitely have ways of keeping a record of your ticket number and in case you win, they discover ways of making you give them a share. Always pick the number yourself or do it automatically using computer terminals with relevant software.

Discover the blueprint of fake lotteries. First of all, they tend to notify people via personal win of the fact that they are winners based on a random e-mail draw. This is a big sign of scammers. They proceed to ask you for some money to use in processing your prize. They send this to several addresses and whoever falls for them is conned of their money. Real lotteries make a public announcement of the winner in lottery websites and they never ask for money from the winner.

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