How Lottery Winners Spend Their Jackpot Winnings

Lottery winners

Some lottery players have won considerably large amounts of cash. You might be interested to know about how they spent the money won. Do they spend on buying new property or save it for their children’s future?

What do individual lottery winners do with their money is entirely for them to decide. But one thing is for sure, after winning such huge amounts, the life of the winning player and those around him changes forever & changes for the better.

A survey in this regard was carried out by Camelot, Organizers of UK National Lottery. The survey covered the jackpot winners of the past 10 years. The results of the survey were as mind-boggling as the amounts won.

Money given to friends, family, and charity:

To Family 98%
To Charity 87%
To Friends 73%

Did winning the jackpot make you happy?

As happy winning the jackpot as before 35%
More happy after winning the jackpot 65%

The best thing about winning:

Lack of stress 28%
Quitting work 14%
The ability to look after family & friends without worrying about money 13%

What winners spend their money on:

Bought properties abroad – 14% (Spain topped the list favorite Property buying destination followed by the USA).
Traveling around the world – Favorite Holiday places include the USA for 21% of the winners, Spain for 10% of winners and the Caribbean for 9% of the winners.

A number of holidays taken – 63% take more than 3 holidays per year since their win, while 7% of winners take more than holidays a year.

Owns a BMW – 35%

Owns a new Range Rover or Land Rover – 26%

Owns a new Ford – 27%

Work and investments:

Category Percentage
Unemployed when won 13%
Still working after the win 27% (55% are full-time and 45% work part-time).
Have started their own business 27%
Have bought into an existing business 7%

Investments made by UK lottery winners:

Investments Percentage of people
Stocks and shares 78%
High-interest accounts and pension schemes 72%
Home improvements 69%
Purchasing new properties 53%
Bought their own business 30%

See your dreams becoming reality:

Almost all of us want instant money and lottery is one way of earning that money. But if you think that life after winning money can be easier then you might want to think again.

In fact, after winning millions of dollars one has to face many questions as to what to do with that money, where to invest it, how to secure the life of his/her near & dear ones & many more. Therefore the advice of people who have already won always comes in handy.

If you want to be included in the next winner’s survey, then make sure you win UK lottery. To win UK lottery log on to enter yourself for the draw.

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