Hottest SuperEnalotto Numbers: Spice Things up and Claim that Jackpot!

Hottest SuperEnalotto Numbers

With the biggest historic jackpot of 177.7 million euros (and several other top prizes hitting above the 100-million-euro mark), SuperEnalotto is certainly one of the most popular and coveted European lotteries. The fact that tickets can be bought online increases its popularity even further.

So, you want to win massive sums? Do you want to buy tickets effortlessly? SuperEnalotto checks the boxes. All that you have to do is break the code and make sure you have the best odds in the world of claiming that big, juicy, dreamy jackpot.

Relying on the hottest SuperEnalotto numbers is one of the best ways to accomplish the goal.

How can I use the UK Lotto results history to improve my chances of winning?

The Hottest SuperEnalotto Numbers

As the name indicates, the hottest numbers are the ones that appear among the winning ones more often. Every single lottery on the face of the planet has hot numbers that defy logic and statistics. SuperEnalotto isn’t an exception.

SuperEnalotto is a 6 out of 90 games. Thus, the odds of hitting the jackpot aren’t the most favorable ones out there. To be precise, your chance of winning is exactly 1 in 622,614,630. Lottery strategists would say that picking hot numbers can improve the odds and give you a bit of an advantage.

The hottest number in the history of the game is 85, official SuperEnalotto statistics show. it has been drawn a total of 223 times among the winning digits. Several other numbers also rank among those having a frequency exceeding 200.

Ninety is the second hottest number in the history of the game. It has been drawn a total of 212 times. The following digits come next in the ranking: 86 (211 times drawn), 77 (210 times), 81 (207 times), and 1 (207 times).

The Coldest SuperEnalotto Numbers

Just like it has extra-hot and spicy numbers, SuperEnalotto is also characterized by a range of ice-cold digits. These are the numbers that don’t get drawn very often. In fact, it would be a miracle if you ever won big by opting for a combination of the coldest digits.

According to the SuperEnalotto statistics, the coldest number in the history of the game is 60. It has contributed to somebody winning something only 153 times. The second most frigid number is 23, which has been drawn 159 times.

Several other cold numbers you need to take note of include 59 (drawn 160 times), 50 (drawn 161 times), 9 (163 drawings), 5 (164 drawings), and 7 (164 drawings). As odd as it seems to be, there’s a pretty interesting division. The hottest SuperEnalotto numbers are two-digit and they go above the 60s. The one-digit numbers in this Italian lottery are obviously the coldest ones. And yes, the trend hasn’t spared a typically lucky number like seven!

Hot and Cold Superstar Numbers

Apart from the primary game, SuperEnalotto also has a Superstar option. A Superstar ball is drawn separately and it’s once again in the range from 1 to 90. If you activate the Superstar, you get an additional chance to win prizes.

Logically, we will apply the hot and cold number theory to superenalotto’s Superstar.

The superstar out of all superstars (we realize the description is a bit cheesy, but please go along with it) is 49. The number has made it to the circle of winners a total of 35 times. Other hot Superstar numbers include 18 (34 drawings), 80 (31 drawings), 1 (29 drawings), and 48 (29 drawings).

The coldest Superstar is 72. This number has made it among the winning ones only nine times in the history of SuperEnalotto. Thirty follows with only 12 times being drawn. Other cold Superstar numbers include 54 (12 drawings), 38 (13 drawings), 87 (13 drawings), and 33 (14 drawings).

Overdue Numbers and Other Interesting Stats

Prepared lottery strategists know that hot and cold numbers aren’t the only ones to examine.

There’s one more pretty interesting category and it’s one of the overdue digits.

Overdue numbers are the ones that haven’t made their appearance among the winning ones in a long, long time. If you have a hot number that’s long overdue, you should definitely bet on it the next time you buy a SuperEnalotto ticket.

The most overdue SuperEnalotto number right now (the end of February 2018) is 13. It has been 134 days since it was last drawn. While 13 isn’t the hottest SuperEnalotto number, it also doesn’t rank among the cold digits.

A few other overdue numbers include 54 (92 days), 42 (92 days), 14 (80 days), and 21 (78 days).

As far as pairs of numbers that appear to come together often are concerned, the winning combination is 6 and 83. This duo has appeared among the winning numbers 25 times. The second most popular duo is 6 and 80, followed by 18 and 47.

Let’s take it even further by looking at triplets that take a liking to each other. The numbers 1, 67, and 75 have appeared together among the winning ones a total of five times. The same applies to the triplet of 8, 16, and 64, as well as 8, 83, and 88.

Do You Control Your SuperEnalotto Destiny?

Some people swear by the hot and cold method of picking lottery numbers.

There’s certainly some logic to it but remember – some of the coldest numbers could appear among the winning ones the one time you decide to choose the approach and play SuperEnalotto this way. An element of chance still exists and there’s very little you can do to control it.

For the best possible odds, choose the hot and cold numbers and spread your picks across the board. Include both single and double-digit numbers in your ticket. You should also opt for both odd and even numbers. Otherwise, you will be limiting yourself way too much and reducing your chances of receiving a prize.

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