Forget Those Who Doubt You Will Win the Lottery

Forget Those Who Doubt You Will Win the Lottery

Many people say that what you achieve in life is down to what you believe. It goes something along the lines of positive thinking brings about positive events in your life, but if you think in a negative way, then negative things will happen. I’m sure you’ve heard that line before. You might be thinking that’s a load of mumbo-jumbo, and that whatever happens, happens. Well yes, I guess that’s true too, but there’s no harm in a little hope, is there? Whether fate is twinkling down on your lucky numbers or not, half the fun of playing the lottery is the ‘what if’.

If you’re not up for a spot of cosmic ordering, then you could take another route to possible lottery success, by ignoring those who bring you down.

It’s the same with anything in life, you believe in something, you strive for it, you dream it, and you do everything you can to make that dream a reality, and then some negative person decides to put a serious downer on your dreams and makes you feel like you’re chasing something that will never happen. If you want to win the lottery, you have to play it, and you have to believe in your chances, otherwise what’s the point? You might as well throw a little money down the drain, quite frankly.

Put simply, half the fun of playing the lottery is the hope and possibility that you might win, whether that’s hitting the jackpot, or winning a little something to give you a fun day out.

Some People Just Need an Injection of Happiness

Now, some people are just born miserable; I’m sorry to be quite blunt, but it’s the truth. If you’re happy about something, hopeful even, then there are some folk out there who will simply want to bring you down because they’re not happy about some aspect of their life. Don’t let them!

Of course, these are the very same people who when you win the lottery will be the first to come banging on your door, pretending to be your best friend. It’s wise to remember that, and also to remember their doom-filled words when you’re basking in the glory of your lottery win.

Don’t Believe Negative Thoughts. Life Is, Quite Frankly, Far Too Short

The daily grind is enough to bring you down at the best of times, and if you dream that you’ll one day win the lottery, then why shouldn’t you let that little thought warm your heart during a long working week? Life is too short to listen to those negative people who try and tell you that you’re dreaming about something that will never happen; instead, remind them to stick to their own business, you’re not harming anyone!

The thing is, it’s easy to start to listen to people when they constantly tell you something; you start to think ‘is it me?’, ‘are they right?’, and in some cases that can change your own mind, your own way of thinking, and force you to change your actions. In this case, that change of action would be stopping you from putting the lottery on. Guess what happens then? You check the numbers out of habit the next day, simply because you’re bored, and if you’d bothered to follow your dreams then you would win the lottery that week, because your numbers came up.

You’d be feeling more than a little sick, and angry that you allowed the negative thoughts of other people stopping you from listening to your internal voice, and doing what you wanted to do.

There Is No Harm in Playing the Lottery, Provided You Keep a Stable Mind-Set, And You Practice Moderation

Provided you’re not gambling away your house-keeping money, or you’re being too over the top with how many times you play the lottery, where is the harm in a little dreaming? People say ‘follow your dreams’, ‘take action’, and the only way to take action when you want to win the lottery is to put the damn numbers on in the first place! If someone is constantly telling you that you have your head in the sky, it’s basically because they’re on a downer and want to inflict it on you.

Some people are just like that, remember this.

So, Should You Believe Those People Who Tell You You’re Never Going to Win the Lottery?


Do they have a crystal ball? Do they some connection with a higher force who is giving them advice from across the ether? Quite frankly, no. These people are bored with their own lives, and they would better off trying to fill their own lives with a bit of joy, rather than ruining yours.

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