Do not let yourself get scammed by lottery scams

Lottery Scams

Increasing of lottery scams

With lottery scams on the increase, the police and lottery officials are warning people to be more vigilant when it comes to giving out their personal information. More and more people wish they could win the lottery and change their lives. Because of this need for financial freedom caution can be thrown out the window when a stranger tells you that you have won the lottery.

Usually all they will ask for are your personal details and a prize-processing fee. This will seem like a small price to pay when you stand to collect millions. Be careful who you give your personal information and banking details as this can let them access use your identity and your account.

The more avenues open up for playing the lottery the more diverse the lottery scams become. With technology changing so fast you can now play national lottery by text or online and this is the more reason why you should be more careful. Lottery officials are constantly on the look out to ensure that any lottery scams that come to their attention are made public. This ensures that more members of the public are aware of the scams and can avoid falling prey to these scammers.

Lottery scams target a person’s need to advance themselves. Recently a new lottery scam has been exposed where individuals are calling Somalis and telling them that they have won a lottery that now qualifies them to move to the USA, Canada, UK or Australia.

The scammers identify themselves as International Migration Officials and their intention is to get some money from the people they call. This is well thought out because they know that most Somalis are looking for a better life outside of their country.

The things to watch out for are usually fairly basic. If you are called and informed that you have won have your basic checklist. First, always ask to call back the person so that you can take some time to verify the number they are using and if indeed they are genuine.

You can do this by checking online or calling your national lottery office. The person should not be offended if you ask for this. It is common practice while playing the national lottery by text or online requires you to register yourself or your cell phone number. This is in order to verify your identity should you win. The basic requirements that lotteries ask for when you register or buy a lottery ticket are to protect you.

Secondly, if you did not take part in a lottery then you cannot be a winner. Lotteries do not enter people without their consent. If you know you did not play any lottery ignore the call and do not indulge them in any conversation.

Always report such calls to the relevant authorities so that other unsuspecting members of the public can be warned. Above all, never give out your personal details or make payments to process your prize. Lotteries do not require any upfront payments. So next time you decide to play national lottery by text, online or buying a ticket you do not have to worry about having to pay anything to claim your prize.

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