8 Female Lottery Winners Who Will Make You Regret You Are Born a Man

8 Female Lottery Winners Who Will Make You Regret You Are Born a Man

There’s something about Luck and women, no wonder we call her Lady Luck. She’s a woman as well! And what do I know about women? They stick together. In the past, women have proven to be quite peculiar when it comes to the lottery. Women are known to be distinctive lottery players, at least the ones who won the lottery. There’s always an underlying reason why and how they won the lottery.

In addition, if they didn’t win the lottery in a distinctive way, they usually end in one.

Today, when I see female lottery winner that does not have an interesting story behind her, I expect some wild things to happen. And they get away with it! These are the 8 female lottery winners who will definitely make you regret you are born a man, if you are, of course.

Win the Lottery by Being Stubborn – Hate Glenda Blackwell

Glenda Blackwell is one of the most frequently mentioned names in the lottery community, mainly because she and her husband won the lottery because she was stubborn. As a man, I take stubbornness as a stereotypical trait of women. Fortunately for her and her husband, her being stubborn brought them $1,000,000.

Bear in mind, there’s nothing wrong with her being the reason why they won the lottery. Imagine her husband’s life now. Whenever they have a fight, he’s the one who has to suck it up. Maybe I don’t, but I’m sure her husband regrets being born a man right now. I can already imagine him Googling “lottery curse” and “how to deal with post lottery madness”.

Jane Park – The Infamous 17 Year Old Lottery Winner

I’m not a chauvinist, but I hate this particular “lady”. Jane Park won a little over $1.5m when she was just 17. Now, in many countries, there’s a minimum age threshold of 18 years. This took place in the UK where the minimum age is only 16. Nevertheless, this teenage lottery winner enjoyed the money she won, lived her life to the fullest. She still has a healthy bank balance, but as she says it, she lost her purpose in life.

Now, she turned 21 and she sued the UK National lottery. Why? How? The worst part is she’s getting the attention of the community, she’s gaining popularity. It’s as if she planned it all the long and she’s getting away with it. Imagine if this was a boy who had won the lottery. They’d call him immature; I don’t even want to start with the insults. But Jane Park here, she’s getting away with it. Women always get away with it!

Cynthia Stafford – You Can Envy Her, She’s Awesome

Not all women are so inconsiderate. Take Cynthia Stafford for instance. She’s probably one of the few women I’d eagerly take her place. Yes, Cynthia made me regret I’m born a man. She’s the embodiment of a loyal, passionate, a lottery player that’s in control.

Cynthia won $112,000,000 in Mega Millions in 2007. Considering the amount she won, she’s still modest. She’s in control. Her secret is as she tells it, she visualized winning the lottery. It must have been some outstanding visualization, because in the end she did get what she wanted. Ms. Stafford traveled the world, bought herself a luxurious treats, and believe it or not, she’s still playing the lottery on a weekly basis. By the way, she also opened her very own film production company.

You cannot hate Cynthia! However, you can praise her for what an amazing lottery winner she is, and she’s a woman!

Female Intuition – “Follow Your Dreams” by Olga Beno

Women are considered to be better with intuition. Time and time again, they prove this is right, at least when it comes to the lottery. Olga Beno, back in 1989 did what everybody wanted to do, but only she could. As she tells the story, she had a dream about winning the lottery and she memorized the winning number combination. This paid off for her because she won CA$5,300,000 or $3,900,000.

This Canadian lady, makes me hope that I can do it. A hormone therapy will get me in her place in a few years with a few plastic surgeries. Damn, I’d do it, but only if I knew I’d win the lottery for sure. Speaking of which, maybe that’s why I still haven’t won the lottery, I got the opposite sex.

Lisa Williard – Two Time Lottery Winner in 10 Years

I’m taking you to North Carolina, where I’m going to introduce you to Lisa Williard, two time lottery winner. She got the money when she needed it the most. The first time she won a little under $400,000.

She had to wait 9 years to win her 2nd huge lottery prize, this time around, she hit the jackpot. Lisa got a little over $250,000, once again when she needed the money! Unfortunately, a MAN got in her way so she had to share the jackpot with two other lottery winners.

I think I have an idea. Tax is the male opposite of a female lottery winner. One can’t exist without the other. I know, it’s a bad analogy. Why does Lisa make me regret being born a man? I mean, it’s obvious, the woman has what it takes to be a lottery winner.

Ms. Banks from Victoria, Australia – The Prenup Was the Right Decision

She’s cunning! It’s as if she knew she was going to win $12,000,000. As far as I know, she’s called Ms. Banks and she’s from Victoria, but won the lottery in Melbourne, Australia. Following a roller coaster of a history, Ms. Banks decided to reconcile with one of her partners, father of some of her children, but under one condition. Her husband had to sign a prenup. This saved her from a turmoil.

Her now ex-husband’s story includes a peculiar part. He signed the prenup under pressure and ultimatums, that he wasn’t going to be able to see his children if he didn’t sign it, in case things go south again. I feel bad for the guy. He lost a fortune, lost his children and he lost his dignity. Ms. Banks destroyed him! I don’t want anything like this happening to me. I can’t wish this happening to any other guy. This is harsh.

Joan R. Ginther – The Luckiest WOMAN on Earth

Joan R. Ginther

Lo and behold, the luckiest woman in the universe! Joan R. Ginther, a doctor in statistics won the lottery 4 times! I think she literally is the role model of a professional lottery player. Forget about Richard Lustig, this is the real deal. Joan applied a scientific approach to win the lottery. I think it’s pretty straightforward why I now regret being born a man.

These prizes were not some petty, consolation prizes that serve a purpose to make your day and that’s all. These prizes can change your life. She won, $5.4m, $2m, $3m and she ended her spree with a $10m jackpot. That’s more than $20m. The chances of this happening to any individual go into big numbers. As far as I remember, it’s 1 in 18 septillion. To illustrate, this is the number of all the sand grains in the world. Joan did it. I’m not sure if it’s pure statistics on her, or Lady Luck co-oped with her to put in the face of men.

Teenagers, adolescents, middle aged men, elderly gentlemen, in case you want to make a career change, take statistics!

Virginia Fike Won the Lottery Twice in One Day – Luck Favors Women

Lisa Williard’s story was impressive enough, 2 time lottery winner in 10 years. Virginia Fike from Virginia won the lottery twice in one day! This is the kind of lottery player that has a strategic approach, who knows that if she win, she has to win big. Well, she didn’t win as big, but she did win twice in one day, which is impressive enough for me. Enough to make me regret I’m a man, and she’s a woman, and she did it right the first time she got the chance.

As it turns out, Virginia had two Powerball tickets, matching 5 of the numbers, meaning she didn’t get the red balls correct. Nonetheless, this meant she’s a winner of two $1,000,000 prizes. Because the rules state only the jackpot is shared amongst players, she was entitled to the full $2,000,000.

If she was a man, I bet that she would’ve mixed things up. Instead of getting the white balls right, the male Virginia Fike would’ve had the red balls on the tickets, whereas the white numbers would’ve been a real mess.

Is this enough for you to feel bad as a man? Do you wish you hadn’t had a Y chromosome in your DNA? Blame it on your DNA! It wouldn’t mind.

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