6 Deadly Sins of Playing Lottery Online

6 Deadly Sins of Playing Lottery Online

Playing the lottery online has taken a huge part of the lottery market share in general. Online lottery has consistently attracted new lottery players who have once felt the advantages, never go back to conventional lottery. However, online lottery comes with its own merits and threats as well. People who are not aware of them are committing deadly sins as I like to call them. I consider myself as a righteous lottery player who plays the lottery online. I like you to be one as well.

Without further a due, here are the 6 deadly sins of playing the lottery online I have come across. Note, I was a sinner once as well. I’m not a lottery preacher, but I think I’m on the right path.

Sharing Your Account Information with Other People

Despite being an obvious mistake, a lot of players who already play the lottery online are keen on giving their account information to their friends so they can try it out. Why? Apparently, their friends do not want to bother to open their own account. NEVER do this. Not only you can have your account suspended, but your previous wins can be voided. That’s why you should never accept a proposition such as this. Instead, call them over at your place, make them a cup of coffee and set up their very own lottery account. This way you won’t be put into a situation where you have to pay them, make any tax deductions in case of winning, what ticket belongs to whom, etc.

It’s a simple mistake that can lead to many rather complicated outcomes. Rule no. 1, never share your account information with other individuals.

Taking Part in Unregulated, Unlicensed Online Lotteries

The issue of unregulated online lottery operators has been a topic of discussion on many occasions. It’s a serious problem that’s difficult to resolve. There are people, predators, who have found a way to trick new, innocent online lottery players into playing false, fake, non-existent online lotteries. They are known as lottery scams.

Usually, you might be offered some special deal that looks way too generous, appealing, alluring if I may say. It’s all a trick, unless the online lottery is regulated by an independent regulator and they’re licensed to operate an online lottery. In most cases, you will be able to spot that it’s a lottery scam; however, you can never be certain. Never fall for e-mails that invite you to play any online lottery you’ve never heard of. Do your homework before you dive into the sea of online lottery.

Your Credit Card Has a Bottom – Don’t Get Carried Away

Unfortunately, I was in this situation. I was using my VISA credit card to fund my online lottery account. So, over a long time I noticed I was missing money from my bank account. So I went and I did what every normal civilized human being would do, I went to the bank and asked for a bank statement. Over the period of 6 months, I’ve tripled my budget for playing the lottery online. To be honest, I didn’t feel bad because I had spent on lottery, I felt bad because I was unaware of it. The look on my face I had in the bank, shame!

It’s essential to stay down to earth, even after long periods of time. I don’t care if it’s months or even years; always check how much you’ve spent. The money in that bank account is your money, treat it as such.

Not Using the Advantages of Playing the Lottery Online up to Their Potential

You must have come across some article that says “the advantages of playing lottery online“. The reality is, there really are a number of advantages which you cannot benefit from if you’re buying lottery tickets from the local retail shop. The number one advantage I’d like to point out is that everything is automatized. You have the past lottery results, statistics, you can buy lottery tickets with a few clicks only, you can check if there’s anything new, maybe a jackpot winner, etc. Online lottery is way more convenient than conventional, and these are just of the reasons.

Pay attention to the last point I’ve made. Do not turn a blind to it. It’s just too good!

Disclosing Your Credit Card Details to “New, Exclusive, Invitation Only” Lotteries

Playing the lottery online requires a payment method of some sort that will serve a medium through which you can fund your lottery account. For example, let that be your credit card. All of the credit card details, the expiry date, the credit card number, the CVC number that’s located on the back of your card, basically everything that’s remotely related to your credit card should be kept private, meaning you should be careful to whom you provide these details.

Not Taking Advantage of Discount Lottery Ticket Deals

Holidays, anniversaries, birthdays, in other words, any occasion that might be of interest from the operator’s point of view can be a basis for a special deal. Now, you rarely hear of this kind of promotions when it comes to conventional lottery, but playing lottery online gives you access to all sorts of lottery deals that you can benefit from the comfort of your home.

Some online lottery operators might offer a special discount if you buy multiple tickets in advance, say for a period of 1 month, or more. Others incentivize their players by offering a free ticket for every 10 tickets you buy. I don’t remember when the guy who works in the retail shop has given me an extra lottery ticket, do you?

Always take advantage of this kind of opportunities. These can significantly reduce your expenses while giving you more chances to win the 1st lottery prize.

If you follow these tips I just gave you, you should have a pleasant online lottery experience.

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