5 Keys to Playing the Lottery without Spending a Lot of Money

5 Keys to Playing the Lottery without Spending a Lot of Money

Besides time and attention, playing the lottery requires resources and most of all it requires money. You cannot win the lottery if you don’t first invest some of your own money. People come to me and ask me how they can play the lottery without spending a small fortune. I reply briefly, you don’t need to spend a lot of money. You see, they don’t want to cut the costs; they want to increase their chances of winning. Nobody wants to be in the game if they don’t win, right?

The point of the game is to win. Nobody wants to be 2nd best. Everybody likes the jackpot! Here are some figurative and literal suggestions what you should do to play the lottery without spending a lot of money.

Refrain from Wild Ideas – The Lottery Is What It Is

You know how when you get drunk during a wild night out, you usually overspend. Why? It’s because you have to spend a lot of money to have a great time, but you’re spending a lot of money because you’re already having fun. I like to call these wild ideas, because they directly affect the way I behave. For example, you just won a hefty lottery prize. You don’t go out and spend it all on lottery tickets again. No, no. You proceed playing the lottery with your old tempo. You buy the same volume of tickets. Basically, nothing is changed. You just refrained yourself from doing something totally unnecessary. Another good example is starting to play another lottery and you’re not doing well in the current one. You stop playing one of them, and then you start looking for another one.

Play Affordable Lotteries – Fun Factor Is Important in the Long Run

Well, I always used to say, you better take part in a lottery than not take part in any. I enjoy playing the lottery before anything else. Yes, I’m in for the prizes, I want to win, but I also enjoy when I win some of the secondary prizes. There are various lotteries with different prizes, big and small prize pools, but there are also lotteries with affordable and expensive entry costs. I prefer the word affordable, not cheap.

Why you should opt for an affordable lottery if you have a limited budget? Eventually, in the long run, that’s what matters. If you’re not having fun, you’re doing something wrong. If you’re playing a lottery with high entry costs, and you’re worrying about overspending, you can’t have fun. It’s better to play a low entry cost lottery and enjoy it.

This is probably the best resolution to people who think that are overspending playing the lottery.

Instead of Ticket Volume, Focus on High Quality Number Combinations

Or in other words, don’t play hard, play smart. The lottery operator doesn’t matter how many tickets you’ve bought for the draw as long as you have than one winning ticket. The lottery obviously favors quality over quantity. I’ve mentioned countless times that there are ways in which you can skew the odds in your favor. Over time, your combinations evolve and adapt. Numbers that frequently come up, going for combinations that can actually come up, avoiding consecutive numbers, avoiding birth dates as lottery numbers are only some of them. The longer you play the lottery, the better you will get. It’s not about how many lottery tickets you’ve bought. Eventually you’ll get there. If you can afford buying more lottery tickets, go for it. There’s nothing bad about it if that doesn’t affect your budget or your disposable income. It’s undeniable that more tickets increase your chances of winning, but the difference is virtually insignificant.

Enjoy the Game – Long Run Returns

If we add up all of the previous points I’ve made, eventually you will enjoy the game and you will get higher returns in the long run. The lottery is definitely a marathon. Regardless of the budget, regardless of the manpower one player has, it takes time to win the lottery. You see, when you’re on a limited budget, everything is more difficult. You try to think out of the box, hoping that it will get you the all desired jackpot.

Just wait for it, patiently. Oh, did I mention that patience is also advised. It definitely is. Time is money. You pay the price by giving the lottery time. You give the jackpot the time it takes to come to you.

By going for the long run returns, you won’t feel the cost of playing the lottery, you will enjoy the lottery more, prizes become much more valuable and you still have a chance to win the lottery.

Play the Lottery Online – Save on Other Costs

If you still haven’t started playing the lottery online, you better do so right away. Why? Well, for starters, if the retail shop is not anywhere near you, you have to go out and buy the tickets. Gas costs, transportation costs in general and you’ll probably buy something unnecessary in the shop, just because you’re there.

Playing the lottery online makes the lottery convenient, more organized; you can store and analyze your past performance without investing too much time. As I said earlier, time is money and we want to cut the costs/expenses as much as possible. Online lottery has way more advantages over conventional lottery. Over the past decade or so, online lottery has gone through a serious surge in the player base. The reasons for this expanse are obvious.

As you can see, you can have it both ways. The chances of winning are proportional to the resources you invest in the lottery. Resources include time, money, manpower and experience. However, the underlying factor obviously is time.

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