5 Deadly Sins of Playing the Lottery

5 Deadly Sins of Playing the Lottery

If You Thought Life Is A Bed Of Roses, Its’ Time You Look At The Thorns!

Oh, so you’ve been playing the lottery for quite some time now huh? It’s all hunky dory at first, but you can never escape the consequences, or can you? Now we all love playing the lottery, but sometimes we go over the limit just to prove to ourselves that maybe if we go a little more we might be able to win a little, but what we don’t realize is that the more we play, the more we lose and the more we lose the more the chances are that we might hit a lottery jackpot. Yeah, it’s a complicated relationship when you talk about luck and the lottery, but there are many, many lottery players who just won’t stop, no matter how complicated it gets, no matter how dangerously difficult it may become – at the end, all they want is to bring home a fortune. But is this possible without sinning first? Let’s find out!

Deadly Sin #1 – Playing the Lottery without Limits

This is probably the biggest sin an avid lottery player makes when they’re playing the lottery – they forget their own limits and think of the impossible too early in their journey of becoming a possible millionaire. While it’s okay to dream about winning it big someday, it’s definitely not okay to go above and beyond your limits to try to make sure that someday is as soon as possible. It doesn’t work that way, not at all, actually. Some people think that the lottery jackpot is some kind of a destination, i.e. the faster you go, the faster you reach! Unfortunately, no matter how fast you go, your destination will depend on the Lady Luck, if she wants you to reach there, you will, else you need to keep trying!

Deadly Sin #2 – Playing the Lottery without a Goal in Mind

What is your goal behind playing the lottery? Are you playing because it’s a hobby or are you playing for a living? Sometimes we forget why we’re playing the lottery in the first place and this then makes us go above and beyond our set limits, making us more miserable and depressed. If you’re playing the lottery as a hobby, then keep this mind and remember to play responsibly, but if you’re playing the lottery for a living, then do something about your strategy and keep a budget in place that you can spend on purchasing lottery tickets.

Deadly Sin #3 – Forgetting Our Priorities

Thirdly, we tend to forget our priorities when we think about winning the lottery. Before winning the lottery, we all know our priorities i.e. helping some family member, maybe fixing a roof, maybe buying a small house to stop paying rent, maybe pay bills. Before we win the lottery, we all have sensible priorities that we know we must address, but as soon as we win, our priorities suddenly change, we no longer want a smaller house, we want water slides, fancy shoes and clothes, expensive gears and basically anything we can do without. As it goes on like this, soon you will find yourself broke, penniless and financially dry. Avoid this and you shall bloom forever!

Deadly Sin #4 – Make New Friends Out Of The Blue

Hasn’t this happened, whether a person is playing the lottery or not? Haven’t we learned from our past childhood mistakes? Whenever you have anything fancy, a lot of people will come to be friends, but as soon as the fancy becomes old, friends disappear. This is a deadly sin, yet it keeps happening in the world of lottery. Lots of players who win lottery jackpots miraculously find ‘best’ friends and even the lost ‘love’ of their lives. Isn’t it a coincidence? Stop being fooled, it’s time to be smart and avoid this deadly sin.

Deadly Sin #5 – Not Following Sensible Advice

Should this come as a surprise that some lottery players just don’t listen to sensible advice? They think that after winning the lottery, there’s no one in the world that can stop them from doing the things they’ve always wanted to do, but what about 5 years down the road? Where can they see themselves? If you are playing the lottery, chances are you will win and when you do, don’t forget to take sensible advice from experts like lawyers and financial advisors. If you don’t, of course, no one will stop you from doing what you want, but in the end everyone will watch as you fall from your leisure-filled life to one that provides you with no comfort at all. Remember, when you win, keep your eyes and ears open!

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