4 Ways Love Can Help You Win the Lottery

4 Ways Love Can Help You Win the Lottery
If you’re reading you’re probably striving to win the lottery and you’re in love. The connection between these two is difficult to grasp, especially if you’re a passionate lottery player. However, think again. How many times have you been in a situation where love was that little push you needed to overcome any obstacle and fulfill your cause? Love conquers all is what they say. To me, that’s true since I’m speaking from my own point of view. When I have the support of my dearest, there’s nothing in my way that can prevent me from reaching the finish.

Let’s take a closer look how love affects playing the lottery and in particular what are the benefits of it.

Your Loved One Is There To Support You in Everything – Lottery Included

The title says it all. When you’re feeling down, disappointed that it’s been several weeks with no wins whatsoever you’re probably thinking about quitting. Love is the last thing on your mind that’s not even remotely related to the lottery, right? I’m 100% positive that this is your view. Nevertheless, now think how your significant other was there to say “there, there, it’s going to get better”. This helps a lot! Not only you get the will to continue with the struggle, but you also know you’re not alone in this. It’s a marathon, not a journey. During this marathon having someone cheering and motivating you is of paramount importance. If you stop now you won’t see the finish line, never!

On the other hand, winning is way joyful as well. In those moments of glory and happiness you have someone to be with, to share the bliss, the euphoria. Now is the time to treat them with an appropriate gift for all those hugs and pats on the shoulder.

Win the Lottery with Your Loved One – Two Heads Think Better Than One

Then again, support is not the only thing your S/O can provide you with. How about having them join you on this lucrative journey? Think of the bonding during all those attempts to devise the ultimate lottery strategy that will get you closer to the jackpot. An undisputed saying is that two heads think better than one. Imagine the statistics you can go through if the two of you join forces. Not only playing the lottery’s going to become easier for you, but the results will improve without putting in more effort or money.

Let’s be real, you’re going to share the prize, joining forces just seems reasonable. You deserve it! You’re together in good and bad, in wealth and in poverty, in winning the lottery and losing. In difficult moments just look at each other, thank for having someone that stands by you and move on.

It’s Easier to Persist When Your Loved One Is Around

This pretty much sums the whole idea of love. Well, it’s not an idea; it’s an emotion, but a powerful one. In the past, wars were wagered because of love. Countries were destroyed and heroes were created for the purpose of conquering one’s love back. Considering this sure makes making an attempt to win the lottery an easy accomplishment. I may not be able to start a war for the sake of love, but I can sure start playing the lottery with my loved one and win it.

Time between draws can get you out of your comfort zone very easily. Just by talking with someone about it makes time pass faster. Enduring the difficulties that come with playing the lottery is nothing to worry about when there’s your dear hubby, wife or even girlfriend or boyfriend. You have someone to lean on at grave times.

It Doesn’t Matter if You Win or You Lose – You Still Have Each Other

The bottom line is you can only come out as a winner. Your ticket may be a losing one, but on the other hand you lost with your S/O. Let love guide you both to the jackpot. By all means, it’s always better to win. What I’m trying to say is if you win the lottery that will just be the icing on the top of your love. Certainly you’ll be able to fulfill your dream to go around the world with your spouse. Nonetheless, even if you don’t win the lottery, you will still be able to go on a holiday, most likely not around the world.

Lottery is a great way to bond with your S/O. Since there are already a lot of emotions involved lottery just adds a flavor. This time around you did the unthinkable and flourished when all other doubted.

Winning the lottery is the best thing that can happen to lottery player, but being happily in love is greater than any jackpot. You are already a winner. I’m a winner. I wish to all lottery players to embrace love and care for their loved ones. In times of glory and in disappointment, care for each other. You are all they have. Love just as lottery can make us cry of joy and sadness alike. They are the reason for happiness and sometimes a bit of disappointment.

The resemblances are uncanny.

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