10 Steps Every Lottery Player Must Take to Win the Lottery

10 Steps Every Lottery Player Must Take to Win the Lottery

There are certain steps that lottery players must take if they really want to win the lottery. By taking each of these steps you will incrementally increase your odds of winning the lottery. Without being aware of it you will turn into a better lottery player, the kind of player that deserves to be a jackpot winner.

Consistency – You Must Not Miss a Single Lottery Draw

It’s obvious. You have to play to win. I’ve seen players who play only one quarter of the draws and they whine about not winning enough. Well, you have to be consistent in your play. By missing one draw, you might’ve missed your chance of a lifetime of winning the lottery. I prefer to not take chances and buy lottery for several draws ahead, just in case.

Money Management – Having a Controlled Budget is Essential

In order for a car to run it needs fuel, regardless of the type of it, it can be gas, electricity etc. Buying lottery tickets costs. It turns out if you kick it up a notch it can cost pretty much. By running out of cash you break the first rule, never miss a single draw. Come up with a forecast and a good reliable estimate how much cash you’ll need to “fuel” playing the lottery at least a month ahead. You see, they’re all interconnected in some way.

Be Responsible – Stick to Your Predetermined Strategy

By responsible I mean following what you’ve already decided. Your word hopefully has some strength and meaning. Don’t lie to yourself. If you do this most likely you’re doing it in other areas in your life. Lottery can make you a better person believe it or not. Be responsible and stick to your plan. Otherwise you can’t get anywhere near the lottery prize you desire most.

Keep Track of Statistics, Win Rate, Pass Numbers and So On

Keeping track of past results, past numbers and your overall performance not only shows how well you’ve performed, but it can also expose any flaws of your strategy. Once in a while take a look back at your numbers and what numbers were actually the winning ones. Try to mimic them and you’ll be surprised by the results.

Win the Lottery by Thinking Out of the Box – Go the Distance

Then again, there are lottery winners that won the lottery by doing rather weird things. Things like letting your cat walk over a calculator, throwing objects with 10 flat sides, each showing one of the 10 digits and randomly selecting the numbers. It worked for them, it can work for you. I recommend having one number combination of this kind. I hope one day I’ll write about your story and how you won the lottery with a bizarre approach.

Don’t Give Up – There’s a Light at the End of the Tunnel

Do not give up. If you give up all your previous effort, all those tickets you’ve bought are futile. That effort, the time and the money go down the drain. It’s like a marathon. If you don’t finish the race it doesn’t matter how long you’ve run. It all comes down to if you’ve finished or not. In lottery terms, if you’ve managed to win the lottery or you quit.

Connect with Other Lottery Players – Share Tips and Advice

Not only will you get a better insight of the lottery you’re playing, but you’ll make new friends that share the same interest as you do. Firsthand information such as personal tips and advice will make you a better player. It probably took that player quite a lot of time to realize the tip he/she just gave you. Appreciate it and try to test the waters with it.

Be Flexible, Adapt to the Lottery You’re Playing

We live in a dynamic society. And what do we do? Personally, I try to adapt to my surroundings and the situation I’m in. It works. I also try to adapt to the lottery I’m playing. No two lotteries are the same. It can happen, but it’s highly unlikely. Applying one approach to all lotteries won’t make you a lottery winner.

You Must Improve Continually if You Want to Win the Lottery

If it doesn’t work, improve it. But if it’s not broken, don’t try to fix it. If you’re still reading this article most likely you need to keep improving. Don’t lose hope! Change your approach, redefine your number combinations. The answer lies somewhere out there. You just need to find it.

Research, Analyze, Strategize – Do Your Homework and You Will Win the Lottery

Probably the most important things you should do. This comprises all previous steps I mentioned. Winning the lottery takes effort, time and money. The rewards are worthy of going into the distance. When you win the lottery all your wildest wishes will come true. Putting an extra effort into playing the lottery already looks more worthwhile, doesn’t it?

Try to take all of these steps. Even if you miss 2 or 3 of them, they will come naturally. All of them are interconnected and they will influence your overall strategy. One day you will win the lottery. As long as you have a lottery ticket that’s in play you have a chance of winning the lottery.

Yes, there are 10 headings. I didn’t put numbers next to them because all of them are important.

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