The Wisconsin Lottery Review

Most US lotteries started on their own and gradually joined a multi-state compact, but Wisconsin Lottery had a well-integrated system from the very beginning. It is a part of the MUSL, which stands for the Multi-State Lottery Association, which means that state residents can buy tickets for Mega Millions WI and WI Powerball. Players need to be at least 18 years old, and most of the drawings are televised, so those who want to watch them live should tune in to WISN-TV or WISN Radio to be the first to learn about the Wisconsin Lottery numbers.

Discontinued and Recent WI Lottery Games

Daily Millions and Cash4Life had a good run with WI Lotto, and the games made plenty of millionaires before they were eventually discontinued in 1999. One reason why this happened is that Powerball WI and Wisconsin Mega Millions were introduced, and fewer people were buying tickets for the former titles.

In 1993, WI Lottery added the Wisconsin Pick 3, which was already famous beyond borders, due to its daily drawing and better than average odds. The prospect of winning prizes daily, albeit lower ones than what other lotteries offered, was appealing to Lottery WI players and the game has endured.

In 1997, Wisconsin Pick 4 came along, building on the popularity of Pick 3 lottery and offering better payouts to those willing to accept slightly worse odds. Both games have nightly drawing, and players can win by matching the 4 digits, in a box, straight or straight/box wager.

Cash4Life didn’t survive, and the game was never televised, but the same can’t be said about Badger 5, which despite being a more recent addition to Wisconsin Lottery, is still going strong. It follows a format that is immensely popular with other US lotteries, and players win the Wisconsin Badger 5 by matching 5 numbers out of 31. The price of a ticket is an affordable $1, and the jackpots start at $10,000.

Those who remember the Money Games ran successfully by the Lottery WI for years, also enjoy Wisconsin SuperCash! which started in 1991. The game had uninterrupted drawings and bore many similarities with classic Lotto games, as 6 numbers are drawn from a pool of 39. Supercash WI has better odds of winning the jackpot, which starts at $350,000 and is rolled over until the winning combination is matched.

Best paying Wisconsin State Lottery games

Wisconsin Megabucks is practically the same as what Europeans call Lotto 6/49, as 6 numbers are extracted out of 49, and jackpot winners are those who match all of them. A ticket costs $1, and in exchange for this amount, players get two panels of 6 numbers each.

When the Wisconsin Powerball was introduced in 1992, immediately after the lottery was launched nationwide, state residents knew that the time for big profits has arrived. A play used to cost $1 but not anymore as the prize structure has changed in early 2012, and the price of tickets has doubled.

Those who don’t believe in the upsides of paying more for the chance of winning more can still pay $1 for a Wisconsin Mega Millions ticket. The jackpots start at $12 million as they always did but frequently climb above $100 million, not to mention that this game still holds the record for the biggest prize ever awarded by a lottery.

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