Tennessee Lottery Review

Tennessee Lottery runs three in-house lottery games and is also affiliated to interstate compacts, therefore offering state residents Mega Millions and Powerball. Its history spans just over a decade, with the Tennessee Education Lottery Corporation being the one to oversee and regulate its activity. Players from 18 years old and above can participate and buy tickets for all of their games, with a significant amount of the money collected being used to fund the Tennessee Education Lottery Scholarships each month.

High-frequency Tennessee Lottery Games

Well, before TN Lottery embraced the Mega Millions and Powerball concepts, it ran a very similar game that goes by the name of Tennessee Cash. Introduced immediately after Lottery TN sold the first tickets, the game is still popular within state borders, and it has its dedicated group of customers. Tickets are sold every day, but the drawings are scheduled for Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, with the winners matching six numbers to win the jackpot. Assuming nobody guesses the winning combination, the main prize is rolled over for consecutive weeks until somebody wins the boosted amount.

Tennessee Cash 3 has also been around ever since the lottery opened its doors, and it is the same as other Cash 3 games held by other lotteries. Drawings are held twice a day except for Sunday, and the players decide between box, straight, and box/straight bets. Three digits are drawn, each of them ranging from 0 to 9, and depending on the chosen wager, the payouts also differ.

Precisely the same rules apply to the Tennessee Cash 4 lottery game, which also has drawings scheduled every day, with a total of 13 every week. Instead of three digits, four are drawn, and all the payouts are increased ten times as compared to TN Cash 3, in exchange for worse odds of winning.

Multi-Jurisdictional Lottery Games

Tennessee Hot Lotto is run by the state together with 15 other jurisdictions, with the game being a part of the MUSL. Drawings are scheduled for Saturday and Wednesday, the same days as the Powerball with the difference residing in the fact that the TN Hot Lotto doesn't have televised drawings, and a random number generator is used to determine the winning numbers. Players can activate the Sizzler option to significantly increase the size of non-jackpot prizes, with this option costing an additional one dollar.

Tennessee Powerball was introduced in 2004, 12 years after the original lottery was revealed, and jackpots start at $14 million, being rolled over until somebody eventually wins. As a result of increasing the price of the tickets from one dollar to two dollars, the jackpots are also more massive, and several records were set in 2013. Players get to choose between the lump payment and the annuity.

Tennessee Mega Millions has a jackpot that starts at $12 million, and the Tennessee Lottery joined the compact soon after the game was presented in late 2009. The lottery is yet to make a millionaire within state borders, but plenty of second-tier prizes were already won with the Multiplier option increasing them significantly. As a result of TN Mega Millions being added, the Lotto Plus game was discontinued in 2010, as the number of players that shifted to the popular multi-state game rendered it unprofitable.

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