Take 5 Review

Take 5 is a New York Lottery draw game with daily draws which means players can literally win prizes every day. The drawings are held as from 11.21 p.m. and they are broadcasted live on select television stations.

How to Play Take 5

Playing this game is relatively easy because all you need to do is to visit an accredited New York lottery retailer and get a playslip. Every playslip has 5 panels labeled Game A, Game B, Game C, Game D, and Game E. Each panel has numbers ranging from 1 to 39 out of which you select only 5 per panel.

You can play up to 5 games on a single playslip. This depends entirely on the amount of money that you want to wager. The cost of each play is $1 which means it is affordable for a majority of people.

Below each panel there are two check boxes one for Quick Pick and the other for void. The Quick Pick check box is simply to enable you have your numbers randomly generated by the computer terminal instead of manually picking the numbers. You can opt to have one panel under Quick Pick while the rest you do manual picking or whichever combination you want.

On the playslip, you can mark the number of draws you want to be entered for which range from 1 to 7. For instance, if you want to be entered for 4 draws, you simply draw a vertical line on the number 4 within the draw brackets.

After you finish marking your playslip, give it back to the retailer accompanied with the amount of your wager and you will be given a separate ticket per playslip. It is important to verify your ticket to ensure the dates are correctly printed because Take 5 tickets cannot be nullified thereafter. The ticket is proof enough that you have been entered into the particular game or games and all you have to do is simply to wait for the drawing to see if you will be one of the lucky winners.

You can play 7 days a week since this is a daily game. The purchase of tickets comes to an end at 11 p.m. and the window is opened later on for people to buy tickets for the following day’s game. Every ticket has the name of the game that is Take 5, the numbers selected in each panel as well as how they were selected, through Quick Pick or manual. There is a serial number at the bottom for which ticket which is unique and the date on which it was bought. The total amount of the wager is also indicated on the ticket.

Take 5 Game Features

Take 5 comes with 3 key features that other games may not give you. These features are:

Play It Again

This feature allows Take 5 players to purchase a duplicate of a ticket they earlier purchased within the last 30 days. The only thing you should do is to give the retailer your old ticket and ask them for the play it again option. The new ticket generated will have the same numbers as before and the same wager type and amount.

Play in Advance

As discussed earlier, Take 5 allows you to play up to 7 drawings in a single ticket. This is convenient, especially if you are on the move and do not have as much time to visit the retailers.

Play Instant Win

Here, you play your regular numbers for Take 5 and thereafter add an instant win for an extra $1. This is optional, but it gives a chance of winning an extra prize. If you match one or more of your Take 5 numbers to any of the numbers you have chosen for instant win, you walk away with the prize shown on the spot. You can cash your prize right away and get an exchange ticket for the day’s drawing.

The Odds of Winning Take 5

The interesting bit with draw games is that you really never know if you can be a winner. There is no magic or formula, but it is purely luck.

There are 4 prize levels in Take 5 and depending on how you match the numbers drawn, you can be a winner in any of the categories. In the first category, you have to match all the 5 drawn numbers and the chances of winning here are 1: 575,757. The expected prize in this category is $57,575.70.

In the second category, you simply have to match 4 out of the 5 numbers to win a prize amount of $508.02. The chances of winning here are 1:3,386.81.

For the third prize level, chances of winning the $25.66 prize amount are 1:102.63. To win here, you have to match 3 out of the 5 numbers.

The last prize category requires you to match 2 out of the 5 numbers and you win a Quick Pick free play. Chances here are 1:9.62.

The overall chances of winning a prize in Take 5 is 1:8.77.

In each Take 5 draw, 50% of the collection from ticket sales is allocated as prize money. 20% goes to then first prize, 305 to the second prize, 50% to the third prize, and free play to the fourth prize.

The prize amount a winner receives is largely dependent on the number of winners there are in that prize category. Where there is no winner in the first prize category, the monies allocated to this category are added to the second prize pool and then divided equally among the second prize winners. Unlike in other games, there is no carrying forward of monies to the next drawing.

Match Odds
5 Numbers 1 in 575,757
4 Numbers 1 in 3,386.81
3 Numbers 1 in 102.63
2 Numbers 1 in 9.62

Take 5 Prize Breakdown

The ticket you received from the retailer is simply a bearer instrument and you are supposed to signet at the back to authenticate and protect it. If the prize you have won is $600 and below, you can claim it directly from any New York lottery retailer. The grace period for claiming your prize expires after one year hence you should make haste.

It is also possible to claim your prize via mail. Simply download the mail-in claim form, complete it and send it to the following address:

New York Lottery,

P.O. Box 7533,

Schenectady, NY 12301-7533

Ensure you attach your ticket with the claim form.

Match Estimated Prize
5 Numbers $57,575.70
4 Numbers $508.02
3 Numbers $25.66
2 Numbers Quick Pick Free Play

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