SuperCash Review

If you ever thought a lottery game couldn’t get any more exciting than what you get to see on your TV, you are in for a surprise. Many lottery operators attempt to take a step further and go beyond the expectations of their players. Some succeed some fail.

SuperCash! is one of the successes that we get to see and enjoy every single day of the week. At first, it looks like a regular lottery, but once you get the picture, you realize this game is a whole lot more generous and rewarding than the regular lotteries. It is simple and easy to comprehend, yet a lot way cooler.

What Is “SuperCash!”?

It is a lottery that offers its players higher odds of winning a prize. Unlike some lotteries that include a number range of 70 or 80 numbers, SuperCash! has a number range of 1 to 39, by having a smaller number range, your chances of winning a prize increase exponentially.

You have to choose 6 numbers yourself or just pick the quick pick option if you have no idea what could be your lucky numbers for this draw. The minimum play you can make is 2 panels for the price of $1. Pick the numbers on the SuperCash! slip, and you are good to go. Now, you have the opportunity to enroll for several draws at once up to 7 draws at a time. For example, if you buy a ticket valid for the next 7 draws, it will cost you $7.

Any ticket bought after the draw has taken place is valid for tomorrow’s draw. Don’t worry, you have missed it.

We mentioned SuperCash! is special and unlike other lotteries. Why so?

Well, with SuperCash! not only you get the opportunity to play the lottery every single day, but you can double your winnings. It’s a very distinctive feature, only SuperCash! has.

Right after the regular draw, there is another DOUBLER draw. All players, all tickets, get the chance to double the prizes. For example, if you had 5 matching numbers and you won $1,000, with the DOUBLE your prize doubles, and now you are a winner of $2,000!

However, the maximum prize is not included in this double feature. If the maximum prize is $350,000, it will not get doubled to $700,000. Maybe one day it will be a part of it.

SuperCash! Gives You 2 Shots, You Can Give It One!

This lottery gives you 7 chances a week to play it and win the ultimate prize. Even if you win some of the secondary prizes, they are eligible for the double feature, therefore double the happiness. The cost of a ticket is one of the lowest out there.

Buying a SuperCash! ticket can be one of the best things you can do. It can lead you to a tremendous prize that may not change your life, but will at the least change your decade. And with it, the secondary prizes are not as secondary as with other lotteries. A mere prize can get doubled and become quite significant that you can brag about it to your friends.

Remember, seven days a week, the cost is $1, the double feature is at no cost, and it’s simple to play. Give it a chance!

The Odds of Winning SuperCash! Lotto

The probability of winning the SuperCash! Lotto jackpot by matching 6 of 6 numbers is 1 in 1,6 million. Chances for winning a second-tier prize in SuperCash! Lotto is 1 in 8,239. The probability of winning a third tier prize comes down to 1 in 15. The odds are based on two plays for $1.


Match Odds to win
6 of 6 1:1,631,312
5 of 6 1:8,239
4 of 6 1:206
3 of 6 1:15


SuperCash! Lotto Prize Breakdown

SuperCash! Lotto offers $350,000 top prize EVERY DAY! The following are the SuperCash! prize tiers and estimated prize for each category.


Match Win/Share
6 of 6 $350,000
5 of 6 $500
4 of 6 $30
3 of 6 $1


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