Sprinto Review

Sprinto is an exciting lottery game that gives you two amazing ways to win; an evening draw and quick play. The cost per game is either $2 or $5 per selection and there is a daily draw frequency, meaning chances of you winning are high. The deadline for wagers is 10.30 p.m. every evening. Sprinto held its first draw on May 7, 2012.

How to Play Sprinto?

Sprinto gives you two options for playing the first one being the play online option where you use the mobile app or play at a Loto-Quebec retailer. This gives you flexibility irrespective of where you are and the more reason why you should participate.

Unlike other lottery games that allow you to pick your numbers manually, Sprinto is only played through Quick Pick where the Loto-Quebec computer randomly generates the winning numbers for you. Each selection is made from a pool of numbers ranging from 1 to 50 where five numbers are selected. Paying $2 or $5 gives you an opportunity to participate in a quick play and in a single draw.

A selection is a winner where the contestant who wins the race is associated with a prize in the applicable prize structure. In Quick Play, the indication whether you win or not is through an on screen message. The five contestants are designated based on the numbers you select for the particular evening draw.

Sprinto Draw

There is a daily draw conducted to determine which among the randomly selected numbers forms the winning number. Normally, the winning number consists of 5 numbers which you have to match to win a prize. For you to win in Sprinto, your numbers must contain 2, 3, 4 or 5 identical numbers to those drawn.

Before Quick Play, you must make the payment first and then the computer system will generate the numbers for you and print a ticket. The Sprinto ticket is non-cancellable therefore you must ensure you want to play before handing in your money.

Sprinto is governed by the law and observes all regulations pertaining to number games and forecast contests. The bylaws include limitations of liability on the part of Loto-Quebec. If you want to play Extra, you can freely do so with this game.

The Odds of Winning Sprinto

Just like the other lottery games, Sprinto has its winning combinations and prize structure. Depending on how you match the numbers drawn, you can win yourself prizes in various categories. A single draw is usually conducted for all the varied selections including the $2 and $5 selections.

$2 Selection

Under this category, winning $5,000 comes at odds of 1:706,253.3. Winning $1,000 is at odds of 1:84,750.4. On the other hand, winning $100 is at odds of 1:7,062.5 and winning $50 is at odds of 1,059.4. The other prizes in this category are $10, $4 and $2 which come at odds of 1:53.0, 1:21.2 and 1:4.7. The overall chance that you will win a prize in this category is 1:3.3.

Prize Odds
$5,000 1 in 706,253.3
$1,000 1 in 84,750.4
$100 1 in 7,062.5
$50 1 in 1,059.4
$10 1 in 53.0
$4 1 in 21.2
$2 1 in 4.7

$5 Selection

This category gives you larger prizes and better odds of winning a prize. This is why most players enter this game.

When you match 5 out of the 5 drawn numbers, you get $250,000 and the odds for winning this 1:2,118,760. Matching 4 out of the 5 numbers gives you $1,250 at odds of 1:9,416.7. Matching 3 out of the 5 drawn numbers wins you $25 and the odds for this are 1:214. The last prize segment under this category is for players who match 2 out of the 5 numbers. The prize here is $5 and the probability of winning is 1:14.9.

It is important to note that under the 42 selection, the total amount payable in terms of prizes is limited to $300,000 per draw. On the $5 selection, the prize limit is $750,000 per draw. If these limits are reached, the prize amounts will be determined in proportion to the winning selections in the category.

Prize Odds
$25,000 1 in 706,253.3
$1,000 1 in 70,625.3
$100 1 in 6,053.6
$50 1 in 847.5
$25 1 in 44.1
$10 1 in 14.1
$5 1 in 4.7

Sprinto Prize Breakdown

When you get your ticket, the first step is to sign it at the back in order to make it legally yours. Lottery tickets are bearer documents and if you don’t sign it upon purchase, it becomes difficult if not impossible for you to prove you are the owner of the ticket. If you lose it, the person who picks it up can sign it and present it for claiming a prize.

Ensure you don’t scratch the ticket or make any unnecessary markings because this may generate the need for additional verification and hence extend the prize claim processing time.

Confirming Prizes

Every winning ticket must be duly confirmed through its control number. This means in order to claim a prize, you have to present your ticket. The ticket must not be changed, mutilated, altered, illegible, improperly cut, incomplete, not clearly printed, or otherwise defective.

When claiming a prize, you will be required to provide proof that you have a legal capacity to receive the prize before it is remitted. The claim period is usually a year from the draw date that is printed on your ticket. If you don’t make your claim within this period, you will forefeet your prize. If the lawful holder of a winning ticket passes on, the prize will be paid to the estate upon presentation of the necessary supporting documents.

Sprinto Tickets Purchased Online

If lotteries are purchased online, the prize amounts will be directly directed to the winners Espacejeux account. This is applicable where the total cash amounts won through a single ticket is less than $25,000.

Cash prizes exceeding $25,000 have to be claimed in person at Loto-Quebec offices. A customer service agent will contact you to explain the terms of claiming your prize.

Prizes of $600 or less can be claimed at a Loto-Quebec retailer who will validate your ticket and then pay out your claim if he has enough float. Also, you can lodge your claim at the Loto-Quebec offices in Quebec City and Montreal. You are supposed to present your winning ticket.

Prizes above $600 but less than $25,000 can be claimed at Loto-Quebec offices and at any Loto-Quebec gaming establishments. Here, you should present the original winning ticket, a valid piece of ID which can be a health insurance card, passport, or driver’s license. You should also download the claim form which is available on the Loto-Quebec official website and fill it.

You can also claim via mail where you attach the original winning ticket duly signed including your first and last names, telephone number, and full address. Ensure you keep a photocopy of the back and the front of your winning ticket. You also need to complete the claim form. If you are claiming prizes above a $1,000 through mail, be sure to include a photocopy of a valid identification document which can be a driver’s license, passport or a health insurance card.
Remember Loto-Quebec has a policy not to award prizes to people under the age of 18. Prizes won by minors must be paid to the guardian and Loto-Quebec has every right to suspend payments until legal guardianship is proved. The above rules and regulations are applicable even if the Sprinto ticket is signed by the minor.

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