South Dakota Lottery Review

While the South Dakota Lottery has been on the lottery radar for years now, they’ve made quite a bit of noise over the past few decades with their constant push to provide residents with a video lottery option. After establishing the video lottery games in 1989, it was taken away by the Supreme Court in 1994. It has since been reinstated, and residents of South Dakota can freely play video lottery games wherever they are offered.

As for the regular games, the South Dakota Lottery has had quite a bit of success with winners in the past. Neal Wanless - a 23-year-old South Dakota resident - won a $232 million Powerball jackpot back in 2009. Wanless vowed to use most of his winnings to give back to his South Dakota community, making for one of the more heartfelt stories that the Powerball has seen. The SD Lottery has also had two significant jackpot winners in the Hot Lotto.

Looking For Life-Changing Money? Go With the Powerball and Mega Millions...

The SD Powerball got its start in South Dakota back in 1992. South Dakota is one of 45 states in the US that have the mega jackpot game as an option for anyone over the age of 18. Tickets are $2, and drawings take place weekly on Wednesday and Saturday. Players pick five white balls between 1-59 and then also choose a white ball between 1-35.

The South Dakota Mega Millions got its start in May of 2010, making it one of 23 states that added the Mega Millions game that year. Tickets are $1, and drawings take place on Tuesday and Friday. Players choose five numbers between 1-75 and then choose a Mega Ball between 1-15. The Mega Millions jackpot starts at $15 million.

South Dakota Lottery Second Tier Jackpot Games: Hot Lotto and Wild Card 2

South Dakota is one of 16 states included in the secondary jackpot game known as the Hot Lotto. The South Dakota Hot Lotto has produced two jackpot winners in their history, one in 2005 for about $9 million and then again in 2010 for about $10 million.

Hot Lotto tickets are $1, and drawings take place on Wednesday and Saturday. Players choose five numbers between 1-47 and then a Hot Ball between 1-19. The game also provides a Sizzler option where players can choose to pay an extra $1 to triple all winnings except for the jackpot potentially.

The South Dakota Wild Card 2 is offered in four states, and tickets are $1. The Wild Card 2 is one of three South Dakota Lottery jackpot games which have drawings taking place on Wednesday and Saturday. Players choose five numbers between 1-31 and then draw a face card, which is a Jack, Queen, King, or Ace of any suit. Jackpots for the Wild Card 2 start at $200,000, making it a solid option for players looking for decent odds to go with a good payout.

Looking For Great Odds? Check Out the Dakota Cash

The Dakota Cash is a simple game with high odds, but a reasonably meager payout. Tickets are $1, and jackpots for the game start at $20,000. Players choose five numbers between 1-35 and are winners if they match at least two of the five numbers. Players get $100 for matching four out of five numbers and get $3 for matching three of the five. Matching two out of the five simply gets you your money back while matching all five numbers gets you the jackpot. The Dakota Cash drawings also take place on Wednesday and Saturday.

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