Northstar Cash Review

The Northstar Cash lotto game is offered by the Minnesota State Lottery and it is considered one of the games where players have stellar luck. The North Star is considered among the luckiest stars of the universe and thus it does not come as a surprise even in this lotto game. As opposed to the other games, Northstar Cash has its jackpot won once per week. The jackpot starts at $25,000 and it can at times grow even to a 6 digit figure depending on the number of times it is rolled over.

Playing the Northstar Cash

As with any lottery game, the qualifying document is the ticket. There are lots of convenience stores, bars, and grocery stores where you can easily purchase a ticket and enter the draws. Those traveling in and out of the state of Minnesota, they can purchase their tickets at the Minneapolis – St Paul International Airport. All this tells you one thing, the tickets are available at convenient locations, hence no excuse to miss out on the draws.

There are 31 numbers you are to pick from ranging from 1 to 31, both numbers included. You can either decide to do a manual pick where based on your preferences informed by experience or research, you pick certain numbers you consider your lucky numbers. If you are not quite sure and you wouldn’t want to do a manual pick, the Minnesota State Lottery computer systems can help you pick your lucky numbers through the Quick Pick system. It must be noted that none of these systems guarantee you a direct win. Northstar Cash is a chance game and as such, no guarantees can be made.

The Northstar Cash Playslip

The playslip issued by the lottery retailers has a Northstar Cash symbol at the very top and immediately under it, are the draw slots where you get a chance to mark the number of draws you would love to be entered. You can enter up to 14 consecutive draws. Each play costs $1 and you are to choose 5 numbers from the pool of 1 to 31 numbers.

In the event you enter for more than one draw, the ticket you will be issued will contain the drawing date range instead of a single date as when you enter for a single draw. The ticket issued by the retailer contains your numbers and the drawing date as well as the amount paid. Before leaving the retailers' premises, it is upon you to confirm whether the numbers you have picked are the actual ones printed on the ticket. Any irregularities must be raised on the spot so that they can be rectified. Each ticket has a serial number and the date and time it was bought.

Ticket Cancelation

If a ticket is purchased on a day of a drawing, the player may cancel it as long as this is done before 6.10 p.m. also, for tickets purchased on the drawing day, but after the time of the drawing, they may be cancelled as long as this is done any time before midnight on the same day. Tickets can be cancelled only when the player produces the ticket, returns it to the selling retailer and no drawing to which the ticket was entered has been held. The ticket is the only proof of a game and a playslip is considered to have no price or pecuniary value and as such does not constitute an evidence of a ticket purchased.

The Odds of Winning Northstar Cash

In order to win the Northstar Cash lottery and receive any of its prizes, there are a number of combinations you must meet. Drawings are normally held daily at 6.17 p.m. while tickets can be purchased up to 6.10 p.m. on the drawing days. Any tickets purchased after that will be automatically entered in the draw for the following day. Northstar Cash drawings, unlike the rest are not televised, but you can get the results on the website or at your favorite retailers point. If you have entered for a number of draws say 3 or 4, you do not need to wait until all the draws have taken place for you to start the claiming process for the prizes. Immediately after a draw is held, you can go to your retailer or the lottery office and have your ticket scanned to see what you have won. Normally, a prize receipt will print with details of your winnings and then a new ticket will be printed containing your remaining draws. The new ticket will have the same numbers as those in the original ticket.

The following are the prizes and odds of winning for the Northstar Cash lottery game.

  • Matching all the 5 numbers wins you the jackpot and the odds for this event are 1:169,911. The jackpot is usually paid in cash and depending on the number of people who have won; it would be divided equally among the winning tickets. The minimum jackpot amount for any Northstar Cash drawing is $25,000.
  • If you match 4 out of the 5 numbers drawn, you win $50 and the odds for this win are 1:1,307.
  • Players who match 3 out of the 5 winning numbers get $5 at odds of 1:52.
  • The last price level consists of a dollar. To win this, you simply have to match two of the five numbers drawn at odds of 1:7.

Overly, the chance that any player participating in the Northstar Cash lottery can win any prize is 1:6.

Match Odds
5 1 in 169,911
4 1 in 1,307
3 1 in 52
2 1 in 7

Northstar Cash Prize Breakdown

Prizes may be claimed within a period of one year from the drawing date. To claim prizes of $1, $5 or $50, the player simply has to sign his winning ticket at the back in the designated space and present it to any retailer. Through a Terminal, the retailer will verify the ticket and make payment only when it is valid. In the event the retailer cannot verify the claim or has doubts to it, he will issue the player with a claim form and instruct him to fill and file the claim with the Lottery.

A prize of less than $30,000 requires that the player signs the winning ticket at the back, fills a claim form and presents it at any Minnesota State Lottery Office or mail both the ticket and the form to the lottery headquarters using the address Minnesota State Lottery, P.O. Box, 131000, Roseville, MN 55113. Upon validation of the claim, the lottery will send the player the appropriate amount in check less any applicable state and federal withholding tax.

Prizes worth $30,000 and above require that the player signs the back of the winning ticket, fills a claim form and presents both of them at the headquarters in Roseville Minnesota. A check of the equivalent amount less the applicable state and federal withholding taxes will be given to the player.

The reason why winning tickets have to be signed on the back, is because they are bearer documents and any person who picks them can make a claim and it can be honored as long as their signatures appears at the back. Any claim that is not validated and as such denied shall be communicated to the player in a prompt manner.

The lottery does not bear any responsibility for stolen or lost Northstar Cash tickets as well as any tickets redeemed in error by a player.

Match Prizes
5 Jackpot
4 $50
3 $5
2 $1

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