New Hampshire Lottery Review

The New Hampshire Lottery is the nation’s oldest lottery and recently had its 50th anniversary in early March 2014. Gov. John King helped make New Hampshire the first US state to offer a state-run lottery when he signed a bill in April of 1963. The first games were then provided in March of the following year, 1964. While New Hampshire has a population that ranks them in the bottom ten in the country, there’s certainly no shortage of lottery games offered for the people that live there.

New Hampshire is yet another state that uses a lot of their lottery profits to cover education costs. The New Hampshire Lottery has, to date, contributed over $1.5 billion to education.

The New Hampshire’s lottery website provides a relatively transparent view of where the lottery proceeds go, claiming to contribute 26% of profits to education while paying out 62% of the proceeds to winners.

NH Powerball, Mega Millions and Hot Lotto Provide Big Jackpot Opportunities

Although the New Hampshire Lottery is the oldest in the US, the New Hampshire Powerball didn’t get started until 1995. Players pick five white balls between 1-59 and then select a Powerball between 1-35. The drawings take place on Wednesday and Saturday nights around 11 PM eastern time. The largest prize in the history of the Powerball was won in Florida, with a jackpot at $590,500,000.

The New Hampshire Mega Millions got started in January 2010. The mega millions recently changed their gameplay to charge players with picking five numbers between 1-75 and then a mega ball between 1-15. The previous format was much more like the Powerball, and players picked five numbers between 1-56 and then a mega ball between 1-46.

The New Hampshire Hot Lotto features 15 other states with drawings taking place every Wednesday and Saturday. The Hot Lotto went through a sort of renaissance in May of 2013 when they changed the starting jackpot amount to $1,000,000 with all taxes paid. It had previously been listed at $1 million without taxes, putting it somewhere in the neighborhood of $600,000. New Hampshire is one of only four total states that offer a subscription option for Hot Lotto regulars.

Tri-State Lottery Games Provide Great Options for New Hampshire Residents

The Tri-State Lottery is a pact between the three states of New Hampshire, Maine & Vermont in which they run games that can be bought between state borders. This was most likely done because of the low populations in each state, and it has worked out well to provide a few extra solid options for lotto enthusiasts in the three states. Interestingly enough, the Tri-State Lottery was the first lottery that was played across state borders. The multi-jurisdictional lottery has been run since 1985 and includes five different games.

The first, and biggest, game in the mix is the Tri-State Megabucks Lottery. Tickets are $2 a pop, and jackpots start at $1 million. Players pick five numbers between 1-42 and then also pick a sixth ball between 1-6. The game features a second-tier prize of $30,000 and provides high odds of 1 to 5.9 to come out with at least a few dollars to show for your gamble.

The Tri-State Gimme 5 game is a new and incredibly simple game that gives players a shot at a substantial first prize of $100,000. Players simply select five numbers between 1-39 and then receive winnings as follows: $2 for matching two numbers - $7 for matching three numbers - $250 for matching four numbers - $100,000 for matching all five numbers.

The Tri-State Pick 4 and Tri-State Pick 3 games are also elementary, although they feature much smaller payouts than the other Tri-State Lottery options. Players choose numbers between 1-9 and have the opportunity to play several different options.

Lucky for Life

The New Hampshire Lucky for Life game is played in five other states and is one of the more fun and intriguing games offered. The game features two major prizes for the first prize include $1,000 a day for grand life prize and $25,000 a year for life second prize. Each ticket costs $2, and players pick five numbers between 1-43 while picking a Lucky Ball number between 1-43 as well.

With all the options available to New Hampshirians - if that’s even a word - I think I may have to take a little trip over there to satisfy my lotto cravings. There’s undoubtedly plenty of jackpots to go around and heck, even if I lose it was all for the kids and their darned education system!

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