Multi-Win Lotto Review

With a top prize beginning at $50,000 Multi-Win Lotto is one of Delaware Lottery’s most attractive games. The players get an opportunity to select 6 numbers per play from a pool of 1 to 35 with a ticket costing $2. Each ticket gives you as the player 3 lines of play, meaning lots of winning opportunities and lots of prizes.

How to Play Multi-Win Lotto?

Just like in any other lotto game, for you to gain an entry into a Multi-Win Lotto draw, you must first start by buying tickets. There are two ways of buying tickets; through Quick Pick and using the playslip.

The Quick Pick is basically computer software owned by Delaware Lottery and used to generate random numbers for players who don’t want to go for manual picking. For every game you play, whether you use Quick Pick to select your numbers or pick them on your own, you will get 2 Quick Pick additional plays. Multi-Win Lotto allows you to play up to 10 draws in advance.

If you decide to use the playslip, all you need to do is to request your retailer to give you the slip to fill your winning numbers. Each playslip has 5 game panels, thus giving you the leeway to play up to 5 games. When filling the playslip with your winning numbers chosen from a pool of 1 to 35, you should use only black or blue ink pens or a pencil. For each game you play, you will be added two Quick Pick plays.

Before handing over your playslip to the retailer, ensure that your numbers are marked correctly because a mistake committed at this point may lead to an erroneous or different from desired ticket. If you want to play the same numbers for two or more draws, just inform the retailer of the same. Multi-Win Lotto allows you to purchase tickets for up to 10 consecutive drawings. The computer will then process your playslip and then issue you with a game ticket. Always check that your ticket reflects the numbers you have marked before leaving the retailer's premises. To make the ticket truly yours, sign it at the back.

Where to Buy Tickets?

There are over 525 lottery retailers spread all over Delaware which are selling tickets for Multi-Win Lotto therefore you won’t have to worry because there is always one who is near you. On the Delaware Lottery website, you can also search by keying in your city, street, zip code, and country or phone number and click search. This will give you retailers near where you live.

Ways to Win with Multi-Win Lotto

Draws are held on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.57 pm local time, which is equivalent to 1057 hrs GMT. There are different ways you can win playing Multi-Win Lotto and some of these include:

Win in a Line – This gives you an opportunity to win a prize by matching anything from 3 to 6 numbers straight across on any of the lines of numbers. Note that, you can win in more than one line.

Combination Win – By combining number matches from all the 3 lines, you can win a prize if you match a total of at least 6 numbers from these lines.
Win both ways – Here, you can win on a single ticket; win on a line and a combined match of at least 6 numbers from the line.

Match no numbers and win – If you have no matches on all the three lines, you win $2.

The Odds of Winning Multi-Win Lotto

It is only in Multi-Win Lotto where you get more winners, more prizes and lots of ways to win. The overall winning odds for this game are 1:5.7. This means almost everyone has an opportunity to win.

Win in a Line

If you match all the 6 numbers, you win a minimum of $50,000 cash payment. The odds for this are 1:1,623,160.

If you match 5 out of the 6 drawn numbers, you win $500 at odds of 1:9,328.5.

Matching 4 out of the 6 numbers gives you $20 in prize at odds of 1:266.5.

When you match 3 out of the 6 drawn numbers, you get $2 at odds of 1:22.2.

Combination Win

Here, having 10 matches wins you $1,000 at odds of 1:25,203.5.

9 matches give you $100 in prize at odds of 1:2,765.6.

8 matches win you $20 at odds of 1:415.7.

7 matches earn you $5 in prizes at 1:85.1.

6 matches give you $3 in prize at odds of 1:23.8

0 matches give you a prize of $2 at odds of 1:39.9.

Match Odds
6 1 in 1,623,160
5 1 in 9,328.5
4 1 in 266.5
3 1 in 22.2

Multi-Win Lotto Prize Breakdown

If you win a prize, the first thing is to sign your ticket at the back if you have not already done so. A lottery ticket is a bearer document and unless it is signed, the holder is taken to be the owner of the ticket and he or she can sign it and claim the prize. Once you sign the ticket, its ownership cannot be transferred or changed.

Any prizes not exceeding $599 can be claimed from a Delaware Lottery retailer or simply by mailing the winning ticket to the Delaware Lottery office. For the mailing, you should ensure that your name and address are clearly printed at the back of your ticket. A check will then be emailed to you.

If your prize ranges between $600 and $5,000 both amounts included, you are to claim your prize at designated redemption centers during business hours. You must carry along with you a photo identification document that bears your name and address as well as carry your social security card. The designated redemption centers are located in the following areas:

  • A Carvel state office building located on 9th & French streets, Wilmington, Delaware
  • Thomas Collins building Rt. 13 South, Dova, Delaware
  • 418 N. DuPont highway in Georgetown, Delaware

Where your prize is $5,001 and above, you should claim it at the Delaware Lottery office at any time during business hours which range from 8a.m. to 4p.m. You should also carry along with you a photo identification document which bears your name and address as well as your social security card.

The period within which you can claim your prize should not exceed one year from the drawing date and all Delaware Lottery winning tickets are subjected to Delaware income tax reduction.

Match Prizes
6 $50,000
5 $500
4 $20
3 $2

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