Megadice Lotto Review

Megadice Lotto is a rewarding new daily lotto game governed by the rules of the Ontario Lottery and Gaming (OLG) Corporation and features two opportunities to win with a single ticket. Very few lottery games if any give you such a chance. The double chances include a traditional 6-number matching draw and an instant win dice game. For purposes of participation, a dice is a standard 6-sided cube with each side having a number of spots from 1 all the way to 6. An instant winning roll means having 7 dice all of them showing exactly one spot. Lotto numbers on the other hand mean the 6 numbers drawn from the class of 39 consecutive numbers ranging from 1 to 39.

In order to win the top prize, which amounts to $7500, the winning player must roll seven ones. The lotto draw allows you to win up to $100,000. The Megadice Lotto game is available for play in Ontario only.

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Important Facts and Highlights of Megadice Lotto

The cost per play in this game is $2 and players can only play through Quick Pick. With each play, there is a random generation of a roll of the dice as well as 6 numbers. The customer display screen is the interface where your dice are rolled for you to see. Once every night, 6 winning numbers and an additional bonus number are drawn. In order to win a prize, you have to match 3 or more of the drawn numbers. Tickets for Megadice Lotto are sold every day until 10.30 pm Eastern time giving way for the draws to be held. This game doesn’t have an advanced play option.

How to Play Megadice Lotto?

In order to be eligible to play the Megadice Lotto, you must purchase your ticket from a retailer. Once you make the payment for the ticket, the retailer will print it for you. Bear in mind that once printed a Megadice Lotto ticket cannot be canceled. The ticket will have the time it was printed which will be the same time as that shown on the customer display screen during printing. There is an instant win message that comes indicating whether the ticket is a winner of an instant prize or not. Dice will also be printed on the ticket in the same manner and order they are rolled on the customer display screen. Remember, each play costs $2 and is eligible for a nightly draw and an instant win at the time of ticket purchase. You can buy a maximum of two plays for every ticket.

The Odds of Winning Megadice Lotto

Megadice Lotto gives you two ways of winning. The first way is where you win an instant prize when your dice forms a winning roll according to the instant win prize structure.

Instant Win Prize Structure

The maximum prize for the instant win is $7500 with odds of 1:279,936. In order to win this prize, your dice roll should display seven ones. The second prize of $1500 requires a roll displaying 7 of a kind from 2s to 6s and the odds of winning this is 1:55,987. The third prize of $100 is won when the roll displays 6 of a kind and the odds of winning this prize is 1:1,333. The fourth prize of $25 goes to the player whose dice roll displays 4 of a kind and 3 of a kind. The odds of winning this prize are 1:267. The fifth prize of $10 has odds of 1:89 and goes to the player who dice roll displays 5 of a kind. The sixth prize of $5 goes to the player with a dice roll display of a three of a kind and three of a kind. The odd for this prize is 1:33. The seventh prize of $4 which has odds of 1:22 is won by the player whose customer display screen shows a dice roll's outcome of a three of a kind and two pairs. The penultimate prize of $3 is won by the player with a straight dice roll result of 1 to 6. The odds for this prize are 1:19. The last prize of $2 is given to the player who has a dice roll of 4 of a kind. The odds for this are 1:11. The prizes are fixed and not shared.

Lotto Draw Prize Structure

Apart from the instant prizes, the second way of winning is when your lotto numbers match the 6 numbers picked from 1 to 39 and a bonus number drawn every night. The lotto draw also has its own prize structure just like the instant win structure. The top prize in lotto draw is $100,000 and has odds of 1:3,262,623. To win this prize, you must match 6 of the 6 drawn numbers. The prize of $5,000 comes second and it goes to the player who matches of 5 of the 6 drawn numbers plus the bonus number. The odds of winning this are 1:543,771. The third prize of $250 has odds of 1:16,993 and is won by the player who matches 5 of the 6 drawn numbers. The second last prize of $15 has odds of 1:412 and is won by matching 4 of the 6 drawn numbers. The last prize of $3 goes to the player who matches 3 of the 6 drawn numbers and has odds of 1:30.

Match Odds
6 of 6 1 in 3,262,623
5 of 6 + Bonus 1 in 543,771
5 of 6 1 in 16,993
4 of 6 1 in 412
3 of 6 1 in 30

Megadice Lotto Prize Breakdown

If your ticket has won instant prizes, you have the option of either redeeming the prize right away or waiting until the night draw is done. When you redeem the prize immediately before the nightly draw, the retailer will give you as the player an exchange ticket which is varied for the nightly draw. The exchange ticket shows that you have already been paid for your instant prize. In the event the instant prize is redeemed after the nightly draw has been held, any draw prizes won in addition will be automatically combined with the instant prize and paid to the retailer.

How to Claim Your Megadice Lotto Draw Prizes?

In order to claim a prize that is $1,000 or more, it’s mandatory for you to complete a lottery prize claim declaration form. This is the case whether you are claiming group play wins or single play wins. For all claims made, there must be a documentation which includes the legal first and last name of the claimant as indicated on the valid government issued identification.

According to the rules and regulations governing Megadice Lotto, prize winnings cannot be assigned, rent, sold, transferred or otherwise directed to other parties by the winners. As determined by the Ontario Lottery and Gaming regulations, all prize winnings shall be paid directly to the winner. The age restriction for entering Megadice Lotto is 19 years and above. Prizes under $1000 can be paid by the retailer by mail, selected OLG slots and casinos or at the Toronto Prize Center. Prizes ranging from $1000 to under $10,000 can only be paid by mail, selected OLG slots and casinos or at the Toronto Prize Center. Prizes from $10,000 all the way to $250,000 can be paid at selected OLG slots and casinos and at the Toronto Prize Center.

If you make extra markings on your ticket other than your signature for authentication purposes may increase the time it takes for your prize claim to be processed. The only information expected to appear on the ticket is your printed name or signature and the required personal information written at the back of the ticket.

Match Win
6 of 6 $100,000
5 of 6 + Bonus $5,000
5 of 6 $250
4 of 6 $15
3 of 6 $3

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