Maine Lottery Review

One of the smallest states in the US is also one of the most passionate about lottery games, and Maine Lottery is the go-to association for fans of the genre. Ran by the government, ME Lottery offers its players an eclectic mix of original games such as Hot Lotto or Megabucks Plus lottery and high-powered titles such as the Maine Powerball and Mega Millions. The latter games were introduced in 2009, as a result of Lotto ME joining the interstate compacts and sold the first tickets in early 2010.

Top Lottery Games Promoted by ME Lotto

Despite being a member of the MUSL since 1990, Maine Lottery only introduced Powerball in 2004, with the organization choosing to promote Lotto America instead. Nowadays, Maine Powerball is the most popular game statewide, in terms of both tickets sold and payouts awarded. Not even the steep increase in ticket prices that occurred at the beginning of 2012 could sway players towards another lottery

Maine Mega Millions was the latest addition to the collection of national draw games offered by Maine State Lottery, with the first tickets being sold on May 9, 2010. The price of a ticket is still one dollar, with players being allowed to activate the Megaplier option to increase the size of lower-tier payouts. This will set them back an additional dollar, but non-jackpot prizes will be doubled, so the effort is worthwhile.

Local Games Hosted by Maine Lottery

Maine Hot Lotto is a successful hybrid between national and local lottery games, with a total of 16 states adhering to the game. One lottery ticket costs one dollar or two dollars if the player chooses to activate the Sizzler option, which acts in the same manner as the Maine Mega Millions Megaplier option.

Players need to match a total of six winning numbers, five ranging from 1 to 47, and the "Hot Ball" number that is extracted out of a pool containing 19 balls. Unlike other lottery jackpots that are subject to taxation, all the prophets secured in Maine Hot Lotto are tax-free.

Maine Lucky for Life is also a shining example of how a couple of states can team up to run a successful lottery game, with a total of six members being behind this title. The game evolved since 2009 when it was first introduced, with the final version being released in September 2013. Those who win the first prize in the lottery Lucky for Life will receive a guaranteed amount of $1000 per day for the rest of their lives, while the second-tier award consists of $25,000 each year.

Tri-State Games Available for Maine Lottery Players

The small state on the eastern coast found it worthwhile to team up with Vermont and New Hampshire to increase the number of tickets sold. Lotto ME runs the popular Maine Megabucks Plus in conjunction with the states mentioned above, with drawings being scheduled each Wednesday and Saturday. This is one of the longest standing games hosted by Maine Lottery, with the first drawing taking place in 1985.

Players need to match six numbers, with five being extracted from a pool containing 41 while the special number comes out of a pool containing just six numbers. The price of a ticket is two dollars, while the jackpot starts at $1 million and is rolled over until someone hits the winning combination.

Pick 3 lottery and Pick 4 have two daily drawings each, including Sundays. The only difference between the two titles is that players need to indicate a three-digit number for Maine Pick 3 and a four-digit number when playing Pick 4 lottery. Prizes vary based on whether the players chose the straight, box, or straight/box wager.

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