Florida Lucky Money Review


In 1986 the regulation regarding gaming and gambling changed because of major interest and huge demand of the residents of Florida. Time moved on and Florida Lottery introduced new games and lotteries on a regular basis. It became one of the best lottery providers known to the public because of the great response to customer’s feedback and astounding implementation of what they have in mind.

One of their successes was the Mega Money Lottery. It was first launched in 1998 and soon after it became a big hit. That lasted until 2014 when the Mega Money got replaced with its improved version that lived up to the expectation of both the lottery provider and the players.

Lucky Money – Bigger, Better, Fairer


Lucky Money had to show much better results than its predecessor in order for the whole project to be considered a success. Florida Lucky Money has a very neat feature which gets in effect when the jackpot reaches $2,000,000. Once it amounts to this figure the prize pool from the jackpot doesn’t roll over further, rather distributes the amount to the secondary prizes. This way the players receive what they’re participating for, greater prizes. Bear in mind the starting guaranteed jackpot starts with $500,000.

The Specifications – Price, Prizes, Numbers, Bonus Games


The number range is set 1 to 47. The players are required to choose 4 numbers for the Lucky Money draw and an additional Lucky Ball number from the range of 1 to 17.The Lucky Ball numbers can find in the lower part of the slip. Another way you can do this is with the quick pick feature. It will do everything itself, select the 4 numbers including the Lucky Ball number too.

You can also buy tickets for several draws ahead. This way you will be certain you are participating in all draws that are to come.

With every Lucky Money ticket you have the opportunity to participate in the bonus game called EZmatch™. You don’t have to wait for a draw to win a prize with this game, rather win instantly. We’re talking about $500 instant prize. All you need to do is tick the box where it says EZmatch. This is a form of scratch card, but without any scratching. The system doesn’t generate any numbers, rather decides if the ticket will or will not win. By now you’ve probably concluded that is a game by chance. The participation in EZmatch™ will cost you additional $1.

When is the Draw Taking Place?


The Florida Lucky Money has 2 drawings every week. One is on Tuesday and the other one is on Friday. Every ticket that’s bought after the draw is automatically enrolled for the upcoming draw. So if you buy your ticket right after the draw takes place or during the draw you should wait for the next draw to take place. But, you will know the result of your EZmatch right away.

Florida Lucky Money – Achievements and Objective


Even before Florida Lucky Money took the place of Mega Money revenues were pooled for different benevolent projects. Lucky Money continues to gather and distribute funds for scholarships, rebuilding schools, building new ones etc. 64% of the revenues are used for the prize pool. A stunning 28% of all revenues are distributed for education purposes. By participating in this lottery you are helping those who are in a position to attend higher education or even university. It’s good to know the money you spend on entertainment that excites you ends up for a noble cause.

The Odds of Winning Lucky Money


The probability of winning the Florida Lucky Money jackpot by matching all 4 numbers and Luckyball is 1 in 3,032,205. Chances for winning a second level prize by matching 4 numbers are 1 in 189,512.81.

Matches Odds to Win
4 + Luckyball 1:3,032,205+
4 1:189,512.81
3 + Luckyball 1:17,629.10
3 1:1,101.82
2 + Luckyball 1:559.65
1 + Luckyball 1:61.43
2 1:34.98
Luckyball 1:24.57

Lucky Money Prize Breakdown


The following are the Lucky Money prize tiers and estimated prize for each tier. The Lucky Money prizes must be claimed within 180 days of the draw date.

Matches Prize
4 + Luckyball $500,000
4 $2,170
3 + Luckyball $340
3 $60
2 + Luckyball $22
1 + Luckyball $3
2 $2
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