Lucky for Life™ Lottery Review


Lucky for Life is a lottery game that gives the players an opportunity to win a sum of money every day or every year for the rest of their lives. Unlike the other lottery games which give you a one off prize, Lucky for Life gives you a prize that sticks around as long as you are alive. It is simple to play and buying of tickets has been made easier as you can get them in gas stations, behind the counter, corner markets, grocery stores and many other locations.

Imagine receiving a prize of $1,000 every day for your entire life! This is what Lucky for Life has in store for its participants. Based on the reactions from past and present players, the concept upon which Lucky for Life is based is exciting.

The Principle of Lucky for Life


For those who have played Powerball before, Lucky for Life shares certain similarities. Players get to match numbers which are drawn from two different machines. In order to win the grand prize, the participating players have to match 5 numbers which are drawn from 48 numbers in the first machine and 1 number that is drawn from a group of 18 numbers in the Lucky Ball machine.

When you successfully match the 5 numbers drawn from the first machine, you win the second prize, which is $25,000 every year for life. In the event something happens to a winner shortly after winning the prize, Lucky for Life policies guarantee the appointed beneficiaries a minimum 20-year payment for the 1st and 2nd prizes.

How to Play Lucky for Life


Playing Lucky for Life is quite simple because the game is not meant for the elite only, but rather for everyone who is willing to try out their luck. The first step is to visit a store so as to buy your ticket. There are 16 different lotteries which sell tickets for this game which means you can literally buy tickets anywhere including corner markets and gas stations. Many lotteries have a map that enables you to check the locations of your nearest ticket vendors.

When buying a ticket, be decisive on the numbers that you want to pick for both the 1st and the 2nd machine. In the first machine, you pick 5 numbers from 48 while in the second machine; you should pick 1 number out of the 18 available. If you have definite numbers you want to play, then picking becomes much easier and faster for you. To get in on the game, it will cost you $2 and depending on your preferences, you can choose to play multiple times on a single ticket. As a safety measure, ensure you sign your ticket to avoid it being picked by another person who may claim the prize with it.

Instead of manually picking your numbers, you may decide to use the Quick Pick to allow the terminal to randomly choose your numbers. Once you have selected your numbers on the play slip, give the retailer so that they may process your ticket. Always check your ticket in order to confirm the correctness of the date and numbers.

Lucky for Life Draws


The drawings for Lucky for Life are held every Monday and Thursday at 9.38 p.m. You should check your ticket after every draw so as to verify whether it has won or not. Between 8:30 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. on Mondays and Thursdays there are no ticket sales. This is to pave way for the draws. Between 2.00 and 5.00 a.m. daily, the ticket window also closes.

The Odds of Winning Lucky for Life


The odds of winning the jackpot of $1,000 a day for life in Lucky for Life lottery are 1 in 30,821,472. For the second prize of $25,000 per year, the winning odds are 1 in 1,813,028. The odds for the third one prize of $5,000 are 1 in 143,356. The fourth prize of $200 has odds of 1 in 8,433. The fifth prize of $150 has odds of 1 in 3,413. Just as it is with every lottery game, the smaller the prize, the higher the odds of winning. The last prize in Lucky for Life is $4 and the odds of winning are 1 in 32.

Winners in Lucky for Life lottery have an option for choosing Annuitized Payment Option or the cash option. The Annuitized option gives you the stated amount periodically for the rest of your life while the cash option is a one off payment.

Match Odds
Match 5 + 1 1 in 30,821,472
Match 5 1 in 1,813,028
Match 4 + 1 1 in 143,356
Match 4 1 in 8,433
Match 3 + 1 1 in 3,413
Match 3 1 in 201
Match 2 + 1 1 in 250
Match 2 1 in 15
Match 1 + 1 1 in 50
Match Bonus Number 1 in 32

Lucky for Life Prize Breakdown


The Top Prize

Where the winning ticket is only one, the winner gets $1, 000 every day for the rest of his life or a one off cash payment of $5,750,000.00. In a case where the winning tickets are between 2 and 14, the least prize every winner gets is $500 a week for life or a cash payment of $5,750,000.00 split equally among the winning tickets. In case the winning tickets are 15 and above, the winners get no annuitized payment, but rather split a lump sum payment of $7,125,000.00. To win this prize, you have to match 5 numbers from the 1st machine and 1 Lucky Ball number from the second machine.

Second Prize

Just like the first prize winners, the second prize winners also may choose a cash option or annuitized payment. Where the number of winners is between 1 and 20, the annuitized payment is $25,000 per year or a cash payment of $390,000.00. In the event the winners are 21 or more, they share a total of $9,400,000 equally. In order to win the second prize, you have to match only 5 numbers from the first machine.

Third Prize

To win this prize, you have to match 4 numbers drawn from the first machine and one number drawn from the second machine. Where the number of winning tickets is 1,000 and below the prize value is $5,000. In the event the winning tickets exceed 1,000 the winners share equally from a pool of $5,000,000. The minimum prize in this category is $200.

To find out if you have won, you have to check in your local newspapers for special lottery publications, check with your respective retailers, visit the website of the lottery where you bought your Lucky for Life ticket, or tune in for broadcasts from local radio and TV stations.

Match Prize
Match 5 + 1 $1,000 a day, FOR LIFE
Match 5 $25,000 a year, FOR LIFE
Match 4 + 1 $5,000
Match 4 $200
Match 3 + 1 $150
Match 3 $20
Match 2 + 1 $25
Match 2 $3
Match 1 + 1 $6
Match Bonus Number $4

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