The Louisiana Lottery Review

In the late 19th century, the Louisiana Lottery was created, and for a while, it was the only legal lottery nationwide, although the organizers eventually ran into trouble. The games were seized for a relatively long time, only to be brought back to life 30 years ago, and since then, new titles were introduced. The number of tickets sold statewide is also on the rise, with the addition of Mega Millions and Powerball is a major factor in LA Lottery’s success.

Popular Lottery LA In-house Games

The lottery runs several games with the state borders, and both residents and visitors can participate in these drawings, with most of them taking place daily. The official website is the place where players get to check their tickets against the winning LA Lottery numbers.

Pick 3 game emerged a couple of years before the LA Lottery was reinstated, but were only introduced in 1992. Except for Easter and Christmas, the drawings take place every day, and players compete for amounts that range between $250-$500. The regular ticket costs just one dollar, but players can pay only half that amount if they settle for $250. Pick 3 lottery players can win by playing a straight, a box, or a straight/box and get to choose their numbers manually or through the Quick Pick for function.

Pick 4 game follows the same pattern with the only difference being that instead of three numbers, Louisiana Lottery players select four numbers. In exchange for taking higher chances, the Pick four prizes are also boosted, with the primary category winners taking home $5000 while paying one dollar for the tickets. Conversely, those who prefer the $.50 play can only expect to win $2500.

Easy 5 is another in-house game of the Louisiana lottery and the better choice for those who aim five-digit amounts because the jackpot stands at a massive $50,000. Easy5 looks more like a lotto game, as players are supposed to match five numbers out of 37 to win the top amount, but even matching two numbers will award a small amount.

Louisiana Lotto is your classic lottery game with players choosing six out of a total of 40 numbers, and the smallest payouts are awarded to those who match three of them. The jackpot starts at $250,000, and it is rolled over for as many times as necessary, which leads to prizes that frequently exceed $1 million.

Multimillion Louisiana Lottery Games

Embracing the Powerball was a smart move for La lottery, and since 1995 when the game was introduced, state residents grew increasingly fond of this game. Each time someone wins the Louisiana Powerball jackpot, it resets at $20 million and rolls over until someone else matches all the five regular numbers plus the Powerball. Winners get to choose between the annuity and the lump payment, with the latter stripping them of a portion of their winnings, even before the jackpot is taxed.

The Mega Millions are still holding the record for the biggest jackpot ever awarded in the United States. Yet, for some odd reason, the Louisiana Lottery only introduced the game in 2011. One of the advantages perceived by players who prefer the Louisiana Mega Millions over Powerball is that the cost of the ticket is just one dollar. Those who decide to activate the Megaplier option will end up paying two dollars, which is still less than a Louisiana Powerball ticket with the Power Play feature active.

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