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The Trinidad and Tobago Lotto Plus is a lottery game offered by the National Lotteries Control Board (NLCB) which is a corporate entity established under the National Lotteries Act in Trinidad and Tobago. The board consists of a chairman and members who are appointed by the minister and it is mandated to conduct and promote national lotteries in Trinidad and Tobago.

Among other duties, the NLCB issues tickets for lotteries fixes the number and pricing of tickets, fix the number as well as values of prizes to be apportioned in the various Lotto Plus prize categories, and determines the time in which drawings shall take place.

The drawings are held on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 8:30 p.m.

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How to Play Trinidad and Tobago Lotto Plus

Playing Lotto Plus is simple and is more or less like playing the other lottery games. The player is required to visit an approved Lotto Plus retailer within his reach to obtain the play slip.

The play slip has a total of 5 panels from Panel A to Panel E. Each panel has two groups of numbers: the first group ranges from 1 to 35 while the second group, also known as the Powerball group, ranges from 1 through to 10. Each panel costs $5 and you can play as many panels as you want.

From the first group of numbers (1 to 35), you are to select 5 numbers. From the second group (Powerball group), you are to select 1 number you wish to play. Remember that when marking the numbers, it is required that you must use a dark blue or black pen or better still a pencil. The selections are to be marked by a vertical line which fills 50% of the total box on the list. Using red ink to register is deemed inappropriate because your numbers won't register.

Apart from the manual selection of numbers, there is also the Quick Pick (QP) option. To take advantage of Quick Pick plays, you should mark the QP box at the bottom of the panel just after the Powerball numbers. This allows the agent to process the play slip and issue a ticket through the computer terminal.

It is also possible for you to combine both Quick Pick plays and manual selection of numbers on the same bet slip. However, this must be on different panels. When you make a mistake either in the marking of your selected numbers or accidentally marking an area of the ticket, go to the bottom of the panel and mark the void box for the entire panel to be canceled. You mustn't erase.

Trinidad and Tobago Lotto Plus allows you to play advanced draws 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10. The left end of the play slip has a column for draws. All you need to do is to mark the appropriate box for the number of draws you want to play.


Once you submit the playslip to the agent at the terminal and the respective payment ($15 per play), you will be given a receipt. The receipt contains the chosen game that is Lotto Plus, the estimated jackpot in monetary terms, the draw date and time, the draw number, as well as your chosen numbers. Each ticket has a serial number that identifies it from all the other tickets issued.

The playslip has no monetary value and doesn’t constitute evidence that a ticket was purchased. Only a ticket guarantees a player entry into a draw or draws. You must verify the ticket before leaving the terminal because only a ticket returned before the close of ticket sales on the purchase date is accepted for cancelation. Once the ticket is canceled, the player will be given his refund equivalent to the price of the ticket.

The hours within which Lotto Plus tickets are sold are those specified by the board. When the date and time of ticket sales for a particular draw have been closed, there is no sale of tickets that should go on.

The Drawing

Before the draw is held, the person presiding declares the numbers of the Lotto Plus winning tickets to be drawn. For transparency reasons, the public is admitted to the premises where the draw is conducted so that they can be witnesses.

The board takes the responsibility to publish the winning lottery numbers in the gazette and at least one daily newspaper which circulates in Trinidad and Tobago after the lottery has been drawn.

The Odds of Winning Lotto Plus

Winning Lotto Plus requires that you correctly choose the 5 numbers from group 1 irrespective of the order plus the Powerball group number. The winning numbers must be from a single panel if you are to win any lottery prize.

The following are the prize categories:

Category 1

If you match all the 5 winning numbers and the Powerball number, you win the Lotto Plus jackpot. The prize for this category begins at $2 million and if there are no winners for any particular draw, the jackpot is rolled over into a higher amount for the subsequent draws. The odds for winning here are 1:3,246,320.

Category 2

In this category, the player is required to match the 5 winning numbers from group 1. The cash prize for this category is approximately $14,000 depending on the number of tickets that have won in the category. Because category 2 also has roll overs, this also determines the prize. The odds of winning here are 1:360,702.22.

Category 3

To win a prize here, you should match 4 winning numbers and the Powerball number. Cash prize is about $1200. The odds of winning are 1:21,642.13.

Category 4

Here you just need 4 winning numbers and you can walk away with a prize of about $200. The odds for a win are 1:2404.68 and the value of the prize fluctuates depending on the number of winners.

Category 5

Match any 3 winning numbers and a Powerball number and you are a winner in category 5. The odds for winning are 1:746.28. The cash prize is about $20.

Category 6

Match three winning numbers to get a free Lotto Plus Quick Pick as the prize in this category. The odds for a win are 1:82.92.

Lotto Plus Prize Breakdown

All the winning tickets must be validated by the agent to determine the much you have won. In case you win a prize, you have up to 180 days for you to collect your prize. Any prizes from $12,000 and below can be collected from the agent. On the other hand, prizes greater than $12,000 must be claimed from the National Lotteries Control Board headquarters.

Playing Trinidad and Tobago Lotto Plus requires that you be 18 years and older.

Match Estimated Prize
5 Numbers + Powerball $2 Million
5 Numbers $14,000
4 Numbers + Powerball $1200
4 Numbers $200
3 Numbers + Powerball $20
3 Numbers Free Quick Pick

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