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Loteria de la Ciudad is in charge of organizing, administering, and overseeing a number of lottery games in Argentina. These are Quiniela de la Ciudad, Quiniela Poceada de la Ciudad, Tombolina, Lot5 Plus, Raspaya, and Loto Plus. They ensure these games are conducted in an efficient and transparent way. Loteria de la Ciudad promotes the exercise of responsible betting.

Loto Plus is an exciting lottery game that gives players numerous ways of winning amazing prizes. If you match all the drawn numbers, you will walk away with the Jackpot.

How to Play Loto Plus

There are three ways you can participate in Loto Plus.


Here, you choose 6 digits from a range of numbers starting from 0 to 41 and an additional 2 digits from a range of 0 to 9 for the Jackpot. It is worth noting that the additional two numbers should not be similar. For example, you cannot pick 4,4; 6,6, 8,8 etc. but you can pair the different numbers depending on your favorite numbers.


This is the second way in which a player can participate in Loto Plus. Here, the numbers you have chosen in the Traditional Method remain the same, but you add $7 to your initial payment. This gives you another opportunity to win amazing prizes.

Go or Go

In this option, you combine ‘Traditional’ and ‘Desquite’ bet and add $5. The numbers chosen don’t change. This also adds to your chances of winning additional prizes.

Now that you know the three ways in which you can win prizes in Loto Plus, to participate you have to visit Loteria de la Ciudad agent in your area. On the official website, there is an agency finder that helps you find the nearest agent from where you are. When you get at the agent premises, you will be given a Loto Plus playslip. You are supposed to choose a total of 8 numbers; 6 digits from a pool of 0 to 41 and an additional 2 digits from a pool of 0 to 9.

The picking of the numbers is totally dependent on what will work best for you. You can choose numbers using special days such as anniversary, graduation, birthday, or any important day in your life. Alternatively, you can just think of any random number and input. Loto Plus also gives you the opportunity to choose your numbers using Quick Pick.

Manual Picking

This is the ordinary way of playing lottery games. You choose the numbers yourself either sequentially or randomly. In case you make a mistake when marking the numbers, simply go to the bottom of the playslip and void your selection.

After marking the playslip, give it to the agent plus the required amount depending on the number of plays you are participating in.

Quick Pick

This is the other mode of playing. Here, you allow the machine at the terminal to pick the numbers for you. Simply inform the agent that you want to play Quick Pick and he will generate the numbers for you.

Please note that none of the methods assures you of winning or increases your chances of walking home with a prize. Loto Plus is a chance game and you must be prepared to accept the positive or negative outcome. When you give the clerk the money, he will give you a ticket as proof of entry in Loto Plus lottery game.

Loto Plus Ticket

The ticket has basic features that serve as authentication. Among the key features include:

  • The name of the game which is Loto Plus. This proves that you have entered the correct game.
  • The numbers you have chosen – It is important that you confirm that the numbers indicated on the ticket are correct as you chose them.
  • The price of the ticket - This is the value derived from the number of plays you have entered. The ticket value should correspond to the amount that you have paid the agent.
  • The serial number of the ticket – It helps to establish the genuineness of the ticket.
  • Date of the purchase and the date of the draw – The date you purchase the ticket will be imprinted on it and the date of the draw as well (Wednesday or Sunday).

When you get your ticket, sign it at the back. This is of paramount importance because it is a bearer document and anyone with the ticket can claim a prize. You should also keep it well so that it is neither defaced nor lost. A defaced ticket may take a very long time for it to be verified and at times you can miss out on your prize in case the numbers you choose won.

Loto Plus Prize Breakdown

Loto Plus are held twice a week; on Wednesdays at 22:45 hrs. and on Sundays at 22:00 hrs. This means you have two chances a week to win amazing Loto Plus prizes including the Jackpot.

For transparency purposes, the drawing process is broadcasted live on Crónica TV in the presence of Loteria de la Ciudad staff, officials from the government, and members of the public.

The prize you get is based on a set of conditions as indicated below:

The Traditional Modality gives you 3 prize categories as follows:

  • Matching all the drawn numbers (6 + 2) wins you the Jackpot of $50,000,000.
  • Matching the first 6 drawn numbers from a pool of 0 to 41 and any number from 0 to 9 pool wins you the second prize in this category. The prize amount is $15,000,000.
  • The third prize of $5,000,000 is won by the player(s) who matches all the 6 drawn numbers from the pool of 0 to 41.

If there is no winner in any particular draw, the amount is rolled over until the prize is won. Additionally, if there is more than one winner of the Jackpot prize, the amount is shared equally among the winners.

In addition to the Traditional Modality prize categories, there are Fixed Prizes.

  • For you to win the first prize in this category, you have to match 5 + 2 numbers.
  • To win the second prize, you are required to match 5 + 1 numbers.
  • To win the third prize, you should match 5 numbers from the 6 drawn numbers.
  • If you match 4 +2 digits out of the drawn numbers, you win the fourth prize.
  • If you match 3 + 2 numbers out of the drawn numbers, you win the fifth prize.
  • If you match 4 + 1 digits, you win the sixth prize.
  • Matching 4 numbers entitles you to a new award.
  • Matching 3 + 1 numbers from the drawn numbers, you win a new prize.
  • The last prize in this category enables you to get a new award. You only have to match 3 numbers from the 6 drawn numbers from the 0 to 41 pool.

The results are made public through the press, the website, and at the different lottery agents spread across the country. Get all the necessary details so that you know where to claim your prize in case you are a winner in any of the prize categories.

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