Loto & Loto Más Winning Numbers

Loto & Loto Más is a 6 + 2 number lottery game. To win RD$20 Million Loto & Loto Más jackpot, you have to match 6 main numbers.

Loto & Loto Más Past Results and Winning Numbers

The Loto & Loto Más result archive contains the results from 31-10-2018 8:55pm AST up to the last ones. You only need to select the right date from the list.

Wednesday 22nd March 2023, 8:55pm 10 18 26 28 29 36 08 05
Saturday 18th March 2023, 8:55pm 06 10 19 24 28 34 02 01
Wednesday 15th March 2023, 8:55pm 03 26 32 35 36 37 08 07
Saturday 11th March 2023, 8:55pm 02 04 11 19 33 37 11 02
Wednesday 8th March 2023, 8:55pm 06 10 13 28 31 33 08 05
Saturday 4th March 2023, 8:55pm 03 15 18 20 24 30 04 10
Wednesday 1st March 2023, 8:55pm 06 11 26 28 33 38 06 15
Saturday 25th February 2023, 8:55pm 01 09 19 20 31 35 03 10
Wednesday 22nd February 2023, 8:55pm 06 08 10 20 23 29 03 06
Saturday 18th February 2023, 8:55pm 09 10 12 22 25 33 10 07

Loto & Loto Más Prizes

The Loto & Loto Más features 4 prize divisions. To win any prize in Loto & Loto Más , you have to match 3 numbers. To see all the Loto & Loto Más odds, go to the REVIEW tab.

Divisions Match Payout per Winner
1 Prize 6 numbers RD$0.00
2 Prize 5 numbers RD$48,995.00
3 Prize 4 numbers RD$1,000.00
4 Prize 3 numbers RD$51.00

Loto & Loto Más Hot and Cold Numbers

Loto & Loto Más hot numbers are the lottery numbers that appear the most in drawings. Loto & Loto Más cold numbers are the numbers that appear infrequently. Some lotto players choose them specifically because of the frequency, believing that their reappearance in Loto & Loto Más results is only a matter of time, while others stay clear.

Choose the range of years for checking Hot and Cold numbers:

Loto & Loto Más Jackpot History

The jackpot history tool will enable you to see the changes in the biggest Loto & Loto Más jackpots over time. Use the data to carry out analysis, comparisons and predictions for the next Loto & Loto Más jackpot.

Estimated Jackpot

Loto & Loto Más Number Generator

The Loto & Loto Más generator provides FREE lucky numbers for Loto & Loto Más draws. All you need to do is to enter your name, your birth date, and the day of the draw you plan to participate in.

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Loto & Loto Más Review

Dominican Loto & Loto Más are two of the main loto games offered here. Being games of chance, these two have served both as entertainment games and cool ways to earn cash. Playing is easy as all you need to do is select your lucky numbers and wait for the draw. Dominican Loto is highly regulated and this explains why it has come this far. It is anchored on transparency and accountability on the part of the organizers.

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How to Play Loto & Loto Más

Loto & Loto Más are two games both offered by Leidsa. Playing them is simple and the rewards are huge. You can either play online or through a sales agent. All the agents are carefully chosen through a series of requirements and rules. This ensures that the betting field is fair for everyone.

Playing Loto

In this game, there is a total of 38 balls out of which you only pick 6. These make up the draw and depending on how you match the numbers with those drawn, you can win a prize. The prizes are largely based on the proportional sales for the draw. The winners are made public as part of Leidsa’s promotional campaigns to encourage as many people as possible to take part in the draw.

There are two ways you can play Loto; one of which is manual and the other one automatic. The manual selection of numbers is where you pick the numbers yourself based on whichever criteria you decide to go for. For example, you may decide to pick your important dates such as your birthday, graduation date, or any other day and the numbers that correspond with that.

Manual picking of numbers is done using a playslip that has all 38 numbers imprinted on it. When you make a mistake by marking the wrong number, you can go ahead and void the entire panel so that you start marking the other panel afresh. Once you are done filling up your numbers, return the playslip to the agent who will then issue you with a ticket upon paying the corresponding ticket amount. The cost per play is 30 Pesos and there is no limit as to the number of games you can participate in.

Apart from the manual number selection system, there is an automated system as well. This is where the machine at the agent’s premises generates lucky numbers for you without your intervention. There are many reasons why you may decide to go for this option. Whichever the case, the chances of winning are not dependent on the mode of number selection.

The automated system doesn’t give you the play slip but generates the ticket straightaway after paying for the games you want to play. Ensure you communicate clearly with the agent about the game you want to play so that a ticket is not generated for the wrong game.


The tickets, especially for the manual selection, must bear the numbers you have chosen. Ensure you confirm this before you leave the agent’s premises. Failure to do so may put you in a situation where you have a ticket with the wrong numbers and feel uncomfortable going into a draw with a number selection that is not your favorite.

The ticket has some security features to safeguard the authenticity of the game. Some of the features include:

  • The date of ticket purchase and the date of the draw. These are very important for audit trails in the event the ticket is disputed.
  • The games you are participating in. These must be printed on the ticket face to help you identify for which game your ticket will be drawn.
  • The numbers selected. These must correspond with those you picked on the playslip.
  • The method used to pick the numbers
  • The serial number of the ticket
  • The ticket amount

The ticket is a bearer document that can be presented by anyone who picks it up for payment. To prevent this from happening, you should sign the ticket at the back with your name so that it can be verified for payment of prizes. You should also avoid folding the ticket as this may deface the ticket making the numbers illegible. This may bring dispute when claiming your prize.

Playing Loto & Loto Más Online

You can also play these games online besides physical and machine play. The first step is to create an account in the system through which you can choose the games to play. As opposed to having a physical ticket, playing online records all your transactions and tickets. This makes it easy to go back and download as the need may be.

You can also choose your numbers manually online or go for the automated system that enables you to get your lucky numbers faster through an automated number generation system. Once everything is set, confirm your plays, and you are in!

Loto Mas

Loto Mas is an additional game or more of an incentive for players who want more money. It adds an extra number to the 6 chosen under Loto. The numbers are from 1 to 10, and when combined with those from Loto, they increase the payment table.

To play Loto Mas, you have to make an additional payment of 20 Pesos bringing the total cost of play to 50 Pesos.

The Draw and Winnings

Loto has two draws in a week, one on Wednesday and the other on Saturday. The draws start at 8.55 p.m. at which time the selling of tickets ends until the draw is done. To ensure transparency, the betting control board, auditors, Leidsa officials, and members of the public are invited to witness the drawing. The equipment used is vetted in advance and checked for bias. There is also spare equipment just in case one of the chosen fails.

During the draw, numbered balls are drawn through transparent machines all operated by chance. Every ball that comes up is noted and forms part of the winning numbers. A total of 6 numbers are drawn to correspond to the numbers picked through the playslip or Quick Pick. When you match all the 6 numbers, you win the top prize and you can also win prizes when you match 5, 4, and 3 numbers.

If you play Loto Mas, the minimum you can win is 50 million Pesos. Immediately, the draw is done, the results are announced and you can confirm on your ticket whether you have won a prize or not. If you win a prize, you can start the claiming process right away. For further directions, you can visit the nearest sales agent.

Leidsa encourages responsible play, and this means you cannot wager beyond what you have in resources. They also have a program for those with addictive tendencies to gaming and betting.

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