Loteria Nacional Ecuador Review

In 1894, the law and lottery branch of the Guayaquil Charity Board was established. Because of this, all the proceeds from the sale of the charity board are channeled to the benefit of Ecuadorians. The Charity Board of Guayaquil was itself created in 1887 following the passing of the Reformatory Law, which allowed municipalities to form Boards of Charity. The Council of Guayaquil thus went ahead to form the Charity Board of Guayaquil. This board is in charge of administration of a number of public facilities such as the Civil Hospital and General Cemetery.

Out of the struggle for resources brought about by insufficient donations, the charity resolved to find funding alternatives. In 1894, a law was passed which enabled the charities to form lotteries. This is how the National Lottery which offers Loteria Nacional came into being.

The Loteria Nacional is the first game launched in the National lottery market in Ecuador. It boasts of 123 years of transparent and professional engagements with players from across the globe. Draws are currently held on Wednesdays and Fridays as from 1800 hrs.

How to Play Loteria Nacional

Playing Loteria Nacional is much simpler. All you need to do is to visit the official website so as to create your account. Fill in the information requested on the form and within a few minutes, you will be fully registered. After the registration, use the user name and password to access your account. Remember the user name is simply your identification card number.

Once in the account, press the upload button so as to load your balance. This is necessary because you have to buy your ticket online. There are various payment options available including Visa, Mastercard, and Discover. After loading your balance, you can now play.

From your Smartphone, computer, or tablet, you can buy Loteria Nacional. There are 5 winning numbers which you have to select. The numbers will appear on your ticket and it is against these numbers will you be rewarded following the draw. The selection of the 5 numbers can be done through a Quick Pick system where the lottery system does the selection for you. While this system is convenient, it must be noted that it will not give you any special consideration or any higher chance of winning. The Loteria Nacional is purely a chance game and winning and losing are a matter of chances.

The other option when picking your numbers is through the manual selection. In this case, you pick the 5 numbers on your own. This has to do with your personal preferences or analysis based on the past winning numbers. Again, you do not have an upper hand simply because of picking your numbers manually.

After picking the numbers and making the payment, you will be printing a ticket which will be the evidence for your participation in the respective draw. The beauty with playing through the system is that you can always revisit and have your ticket reprinted in case you lose the physical one.

Second Chance Play

This is an online promotion activity which allows you to buy National Lottery scratch cards. The reason why this is a special feature of Loteria Nacional is because the scratch cards are dedicated to the non-winning tickets so as to give them an opportunity as well to win prizes. All the promotional scratch cards are sold at $1 per card. The Scratchcards games available are Scratch Bingo, Triple 7, Five in 1, Super 9, Salute, Slots, Line of Fire, Roulette, and Quarreling. It is important for you to save all your scratch offs until the last row is conducted. If you win in the draw, the scratch card is the only proof when claiming your prize.

Draws and Winning

The Loteria Nacional has one draw every Wednesday and another one every Friday. On Wednesday except the last Wednesday of the month, there is the Special Wednesday draw. The last Wednesday also has a draw, but it is called the Extraordinary Wednesday. The draws are done on the Fridays are known as San Francisco. The cost per play is $1. The prizes in the Extraordinary Wednesday are double that of the Special Wednesday. The draws take place at 1800 hrs.

During the draw, the lottery uses a machine that pops up numbers at random. The machine has 6 outlets and the ball mixture inside. During the mixing, one ball pops up per slot. They do a mix for the first prize, second prize, third prize, and all the other prizes such that each prize has its own match of numbers. This is unlike the conventional lottery where just one set of numbers is drawn and from it the jackpot, second, third, and the other categories of prizes are determined.

The drawing event is attended by the public, general director and inspector of the lottery branch, attorney JBG. This ensures transparency at every end. The sweepstake prizes are usually instant.

Loteria Nacional Ecuador Prize Breakdown

Each of the draw categories has its own prize structure.

  • Special Wednesday Awards Plan

The first prize is $500,000, the second prize is $40,000, the third prize is $20,000, the fourth prize is $8,000, and the fifth chance gives you $6,000. The sixth to tenth prize grouping is $4,000, the eleventh to fifteenth $2,000, and sixteenth to twenty fifth $1,000.

  • Extraordinary Wednesday

The first luck is $1,000,000, the second is $50,000, the third is $30,000, the fourth is $20,000, and the fifth is $10,000. The other prize categories sixth to tenth are $5,000, eleventh to fifteenth $4,000, sixteenth to twenty fifth $2,000.

  • San Francisco Wins

The jackpot here is $200,000, the second luck is $10,000, the third is $5,000, the fourth is $2,000, and the fifth is $1,000. The other category prizes are sixth to tenth luck at $500, eleventh to fifteenth at $200, sixteenth and twenty fifth are $100.

The Loteria Nacional prizes are charged 14%, which is withheld for charitable causes.

Claiming Loteria Nacional Prizes

Depending on the amount that you have won, you can claim your prize at any of the National Lottery’s regional offices. There are 5 regional offices, including Guayaquil, Quito, Basin, Portoviejo, and Santo Domingo. When you win a prize, you have a maximum deadline of up to 3 months to collect your prize.

Printed and Electronic Tickets

If you have an electronic ticket just visit the National Lottery islands located in shopping malls or visit the National Lottery regional offices and submit your winning ticket so that you can be paid. The maximum that you can get from the island shopping centers is $10 in cash. Any prizes above $10 can only be paid in National Lottery offices. To get your prize, you need to present your identity card and winning ticket duly signed at the back. The ticket will be checked using a bar code reader. The prize you can receive here is up to $2,002 in cash. Any amounts above $2,002 can only be paid via check.

Web Awards

If you have been awarded a prize directly to your account, you will be notified via email. Any amounts up to $1,000 can be withdrawn by printing an impression of the approved withdrawal notice and submitting it to the islands at the shopping centers or points of luck. You also need to carry the original identity card.

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