Georgia FIVE Review

Georgia FIVE is a lottery game offered by Georgia Lottery. It was introduced in July 2010 and the first tickets were sold on August 1, 2010.  Each play just cost a dollar and this is a daily game where players can select their winning numbers to be entered for the 12.29 p.m. drawing or the 6.59 p.m. evening drawing.

This lottery game gives players up to 15 ways through which they can win cash prizes which can go as much as $10,000 per win. All the proceeds Georgia Lottery collects are divided into two with one batch going to the players' prizes while the other one goes to supporting specific educational programs amongst them Georgia's Pre-K program and Georgia’s Hope scholarship program.

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How to Play Georgia FIVE

With a chance to win a prize twice a day, Georgia FIVE has grown to be one of the phenomenal lottery games in Georgia. Playing Georgia FIVE is pretty easy because all you need to do is to pick FIVE numbers and wait for the drawing to see how many of them you have matched and the respective prize.

The Georgia FIVE playslip has 5 play areas A to E. On each play area, there are 5 vertical columns numbered 0 to 9. When selecting your 5 numbers, you are supposed to pick 1 from each of the 5 columns in a given play area thus making a total of 5.

If you prefer the computer terminal to pick for you the 5 numbers, there is a Quik Pik select box at the bottom of each play area which you simply need to mark. In case you make an error while selecting your 5 numbers, instead of struggling to erase them, all you need to do is to tick the void box at the bottom of the affected play area.

The playslip also has a section to the right, which allows you to mark the daily draws you want to play on a given day. The boxes are one for the midday (12.29 p.m.) draw, the evening (6.59 p.m.) drawing, and another box indicated Next 2 which combines the next 2 consecutive drawings in case you want to participate in both. You should only mark one box per playslip.

You can also choose to enter for consecutive drawings. Georgia FIVE allows for up to 7 consecutive draws. To indicate the advance drawings you want to participate in, mark the respective number at the far right of the playslip. The cost per play is just $1.

Thanks to the 5 play areas or panels, you can play up to 5 sets of numbers in a single playslip. Remember when choosing the advance drawings, you will be entered the same numbers for all the drawings. It is also important to note that when you select the Next 2 option, you cannot use the same playslip for advanced draws.

Once you complete your playslip and confirm the numbers, hand it over to the clerk at the respective retail location. The clerk will then generate a ticket for you which is the ultimate confirmation that indeed you have been entered for the draw you have selected.

In order to be sure that all the details have been captured correctly, you need to carefully check the ticket for the date, the advance draws you have been entered for if applicable, and the numbers you have picked in case of a manual system. Remember to sign the ticket at the back to make it truly yours. If you don’t do so, you will be forced to sign it before claiming any prize won under the ticket.

There are several authorized retail outlets where you can buy Georgia FIVE tickets. If you are not quite sure of where to buy, you can enter your city or zip code on the official Georgia Lottery website where it is indicated Where to Play and do a quick search.

The Odds of Winning Georgia FIVE

During the drawing, 5 numbers are picked and the question of whether you have won or not will depend on the extent to which you match the numbers drawn. If you match the exact order of the winning numbers, you win the jackpot, which is a top prize of $10,000. Winning the jackpot comes at odds of 1:100,000.

Even if you do not match all the numbers, you can still win a prize under Georgia FIVE.

If you match either the first 4 or the last 4 numbers, you win $225 and the odds for this are 1: 5,556.

Matching the first 3 numbers together with the last number wins you $21 at odds of 1:11,111. On the other hand, you can win the same prize at the same odds if you match the first number and the last three numbers.

Matching the first 3 or the last 3 numbers wins you $20 at odds of 1:617.

If your ticket correctly matches the first two numbers and the last two numbers, you get the same prize as above ($20), but at slightly higher odds of 1: 11,111.

Matching the first 2 numbers and the last number wins you $11 at odds of 1:1,235. You can win the same prize if you match the first number and the last two numbers.

Any player whose ticket correctly matches either the first two or the last two numbers gets $10 at odds of 1:62.

If you successfully match the first number and the last number, you get $2 at odds of 1:123.

The last prize of $1 goes to the ticket holder whose ticket correctly matches the first or the last number. The odds for these are 1:6.

The overall odds of winning any prize in Georgia FIVE are 1:5.26.

Match Odds
5 Numbers 1 in 100,000
First (or last) 4 Numbers 1 in 5,556
First 3 Numbers + Last Number 1 in 11,111
First Number + Last 3 Numbers 1 in 11,111
First (or Last) 3 Numbers 1 in 617
First 2 Numbers + Last 2 Numbers 1 in 11,111
First 2 Numbers + Last Number 1 in 1,235
First Number + Last 2 Numbers 1 in 1,235
First (or Last) 2 Numbers 1 in 62
First Numbers + Last Number 1 in 123
First (or Last) Number 1 in 6

Georgia FIVE Prize Breakdown

To confirm whether your ticket has won a prize, you can check with your retailer or confirm online, where the official results for the two draws that have taken place in any day are published. You will need to properly identify yourself before claiming a prize.

When doing your claim, you must present the valid winning ticket which must also be duly signed together with your social security card and proof of your current address. If your prize is $600 or less, you can claim from any of the more than 8,700 designated Georgia Lottery retailers. Jackpot prizes are to be collected from the headquarters in Atlanta or any Georgia Lottery district office.

Remember for any prizes above $600, the respective winners must fill out the prize claim form which can be obtained from the Georgia Lottery district offices or downloaded straight from the official Georgia Lottery website. You can also claim your prize via mail. However, in order to do so, you must fill out your complete address at the back of the ticket and mail it to the Georgia Lottery Corporation, P.O. Box 56966 Atlanta, GA 30343.

All prizes must be claimed within 180 days following the draw date. Any prizes not claimed are channeled to the education help fund. The payment of jackpots is determined by the Georgia Lottery Corporation board of directors. As a policy of Georgia Lottery, prizes between $601 and $249,999 are paid the same day. This means you can receive your jackpot the same day you lodge the claim.

Match Prize
5 Numbers $10,000
First (or last) 4 Numbers $225
First 3 Numbers + Last Number $21
First Number + Last 3 Numbers $21
First (or Last) 3 Numbers $20
First 2 Numbers + Last 2 Numbers $20
First 2 Numbers + Last Number $11
First Number + Last 2 Numbers $11
First (or Last) 2 Numbers $10
First Numbers + Last Number $2
First (or Last) Number $1

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