The Connecticut Lottery Review

Connecticut Lottery is the only game of this type running legally in the state of Connecticut, and it consists of five specific lotteries, plus the Mega Millions and Powerball. These are a relatively recent addition to CT Lottery which was created 42 years ago by Gov. Thomas Meskill. Players who want to check out the last Connecticut state lottery numbers showed tune in to the WTIC-TV for the live draws or visit the official website a couple of hours after the drawings to place.

Five in-house drawing games

Connecticut Play 3 is the game that sells the most tickets throughout the week, for the simple reason that drawings take place twice a day. Tickets cost only $.50, and this is another powerful reason why play 3 lottery CT is so popular among regular players would bet on a straight, a box or pairs.

The same rules govern CT Play 4, but four numbers are added into the mix, which makes it more challenging to win. To compensate for this deficiency, Connecticut State Lottery offers better payouts, so in the end, it all evens out for those who choose Connecticut lottery play four.

Both these games are in-house drawing lotteries, but despite the slightly different name, they closely resemble Pick 3 and Pick 4 held by other states. Speaking of which, Cash 5 is played by the same rules as its counterparts beyond borders, with the basic play costing one dollar while those who want to activate the Kicker option are supposed to pay an additional $.50.

No state lottery would be complete without a lotto game, and those who reside in Connecticut have their special lottery that can make them millionaires. Lotto in CT has a jackpot of at least $1 million, which grows in size whenever players fail to match the winning numbers, and it can be paid in the form of a lump payment or an annuity. The cost of a ticket is two dollars, which is comparable to what Powerball players get to pay, but the odds of winning the Connecticut Lotto are much better.

Connecticut Lucky For Life lottery has plenty of fans not only due to its catchy name but also because it is the only game statewide to offer $1000 per day for life. To win the jackpot, players have to pay two dollars out-of-pocket and match 5/43 numbers from the main pool and a green one from a pool of 43. Second-tier prizes are much lower, so those who only match the five regular numbers in the lottery lucky for life will receive $25,000 each year.

Multijurisdictional lotteries Connecticut

The first CT Mega Millions tickets were sold in early 2010 when the Connecticut lottery welcomed this multijurisdictional game. The price of tickets remains unchanged, and players get to choose between the standard one-dollar play and the two-dollar version, which activates the Megaplier option. Interestingly enough, despite so many tickets being sold over the span, a jackpot is yet to be won in Connecticut.

The same cannot be said about the Connecticut Powerball, which made a millionaire in November 2011 when a state resident won the jackpot of $254 million. The Connecticut state lottery is one of the first nationwide to have incorporated the Powerball in their rotation in 1995. The Connecticut Power ball follows the same rules as the national lottery, and as a result, the price of tickets was increased from 1 dollar per play to 2 dollars per play in January 2012.

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