The Colorado Lottery Review

The Colorado State Lottery might have been late to the party, with the first games being held in 1983, but it certainly picked up speed, and it is now one of the most competitive lotteries nationwide. It all began with the introduction of scratch tickets, but following the tremendous success of these experimental games, lottery officials decided to add new titles to their inventory. Cash 5 and Colorado Lotto were among the first additions. Still, CO Lottery entered the MUSL in 2001 when it made Powerball available, and it all culminated with the joining of Mega Millions in 2010.

Flagship Games for Lottery CO

It is hard to find a state nationwide that doesn't offer Pick 3, and luckily for Colorado residents, CO Lottery is not one of the exceptions to the rule. The game was among the first to hit the shelves, and its popularity is the result of drawings taking place twice a day and better odds of winning a prize of any regular lotteries. The Colorado Pick 3 ticket costs precisely 1 dollar. Players decide whether they want to pursue the highest profits at the expense of lower chances of winning by playing exact order or stay on the safe side and settle for smaller profits with front and back pairs and any order wagers.

MatchPlay was for an extended period one of the games that Colorado Lottery was particularly proud of, as it was the first lottery. Six numbers used to be extracted from a plastic bubble, and players would win by matching the numbers on one lottery slip or using the combination play. Sadly this game has gone extinct, and some speculate that the fact that the price of a ticket was two dollars, caused its downfall.

Enduring Lotto Games

Colorado Cash 5 has a slightly deceiving name because many assume that the game is very similar to Colorado Pick 3. To add to this confusion, other states offer lottery games that have similar names and are also played by rules that resemble the ones in Pick three and Pick four games. What Cash 5 is all about has nothing to do with these daily games, as this is more or less a standard lotto game. It was introduced in 1996, and players are expected to match 5/32 numbers for a chance of winning $20,000.

Speaking of games that are very similar to Colorado Cash 5, it would be impossible not to mention Colorado Lotto, a game that has plenty of fans statewide. Its simplicity is nearly unmatched, as players purchase a lottery ticket for one dollar and then select 6/42 numbers in an attempt to win the jackpot. Each time someone scoops the top prize, this is reset to $1 million, then rolled over until another lucky winner becomes a millionaire. Colorado state lottery presents players with the chance of activating a special option that triples all prizes except for the jackpot in exchange for paying another dollar.

A turning point for Lottery CO

Colorado lottery joined MUSL in 2001, and from that point onward, it offered its residents a more convenient way of playing the Powerball. Instead of crossing the state border each time they wanted to buy tickets, they could now simply buy them from convenience stores. A regular ticket costs two dollars, but those who wish to improve their chances of winning a consistent amount can activate the special feature that costs one dollar more. The jackpot starts at $40 million, and draws are held twice a week.

It took CO Lottery nine long years to introduce Mega Millions, but eventually, lottery representatives made the giant leap forward. Since April 2010, players can compete in the largest American lottery and the one that currently holds the record for the biggest jackpot ever awarded.

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