Atlantic 49 Review

Atlantic 49 is a lottery game offered by Atlantic Lottery along other games such as iBingo, Proline, Lotto Max, Lotto 6/49, and Pick n Click. The game is easy to play and has lots of winning opportunities that you can seize as a player. Thanks to the flexibility, you can play Atlantic 49 online as well as offline at retail.

Playing Atlantic 49 Online

Because of the digital age in which we are living, Atlantic Lottery found it easier and much more convenient to introduce the online-based play mode. The difference between playing online and offline simply lies in the fact that in one, you choose an online version of the playslip and make your choices by clicking through while in the other you have to manually pick your winning numbers.

The first step is to sign in to the website, and pick Atlantic 49. However, if Atlantic 49 is part of your Lotto 6/49 purchase, you should navigate to the Draw Menu and click on Lotto 6/49 and this will open up a play area. For every $1 of Lotto 6/49 purchase, the system will automatically generate random numbers for you using Insta Pik. On the other hand, if you are playing Atlantic 49 on its own, every $1 of purchase will give you an opportunity to select 6 numbers with a simple click of the mouse. That being said, Insta Pik is available on both ends (Lotto 6/49 and Atlantic 49 options).

When you make your Atlantic 49 selection of winning numbers, you will in addition receive a computer generated 09 digit number which is preceded by an A. This number is entered in the Guaranteed Prize Draw category of Atlantic 49. For every additional $1, you get the opportunity to add TAG numbers to your Atlantic 49 ticket. A TAG is simply defined as an add-on game which is an option available under Atlantic 49. When you click the Yes button, you can select the number of TAG plays you prefer right from the drop down menu.

In the event you are interested in purchasing a future draws, you can do so in Atlantic 49 which allows plays from 2 all the way to 10 consecutive draws. If you use Insta Pik for future draws, each ticket to be entered in each of the draws, you have chosen will come with a different set of randomly generated numbers. However, if you manually pick your numbers, they will be used for each of the subsequent plays. For your wager to be considered official, it must appear in your Transaction Detail as completed.

Playing at Retail

Just as it is when playing online, playing at retail is pretty easy because the options are the same; you can play Atlantic 49 on its own or as part of Lotto 6/49 purchase. If you decide to play as part of Lotto 6/49, all you need is to ask the retailer to give you the Lotto 6/49 selection slip otherwise you can just request for the Atlantic 49 selection slip. On the slip, you will find 49 numbers from which you pick 6. Since the cost per play is $1, when you pay up, you will get the opportunity to choose 6 numbers which you mark them using either a pen or pencil. Alternatively, you can request the retailer to generate numbers randomly for you using Insta Pik. For every Atlantic 49 selection of numbers, you get a computer generated 09 digit number which is preceded by an A. This number is entered in the Guaranteed Prize Draw for a chance to win $25,649. If you want another chance to win, you can add TAG to your ticket for an additional dollar. Each ticket allows you to play TAG up to 10 times. Similar to online, you can also purchase up to 10 consecutive future draws via retail.

A typical Atlantic 49 selection slip will have the following sections; number selection, advanced play, and TAG.

The Odds of Winning Atlantic 49

The drawings for Atlantic 49 are held every Wednesday and Saturday night at about 11.30 p.m. Atlantic time which is GMT -4. The draw includes the 6 numbers plus a bonus number making it 7 different numbers that are drawn from the pool of 1 to 49 as well as 1 Atlantic 49 Guaranteed Prize Draw selection which is drawn at random from all the Guaranteed Prize Draw selections issued for the particular draw.

If you successfully match all the 6 winning numbers drawn, you get the top prize and where your Guaranteed Prize Draw selection number matches the one drawn, you win. Where your TAG number matches the 6 digit winning numbers in the same order drawn, you get the opportunity to win the $100,000 top prize.

Match Odds
6 of 6 1 in 13,983,816
5 of 6 + Bonus 1 in 2,330,636
5 of 6 1 in 55,491
4 of 6 1 in 1,032
3 of 6 1 in 57
2 of 6 1 in 81

Atlantic 49 Prize Breakdown

The following is the prize payout schedule for Atlantic 49. When you match all the 6 drawn numbers, you get the prize amount of $1 million. Where you match 5 of the 6 number drawn plus the bonus number, you win $64,900. Matching only 5 out of the 6 numbers without the bonus number, you get a prize of $649. If your number selection matches 4 or 3 of the 6 numbers, you win $64 or $6 respectively. The last prize on the schedule is $4 and it is gotten by matching 2 out of 6 drawn numbers plus the bonus number.

For the TAG numbers, if you match all the 6 digits, you get a prize of $100,000 whereas matching the last 5, 4, 3 or 2 digits gives you a prize of $1,000, $100, $20 or $10 respectively. In the event you match only the last digit, you win $2.

Match Prize
6 of 6 $1,000,000
5 of 6 + Bonus $64,900
5 of 6 $649
4 of 6 $64
3 of 6 $6
2 of 6 $4

Atlantic 49 Prize Claim Process

When you get your ticket, you should ensure that you sign it so as to protect your potential winnings from fraudulent claims by an imposter. This is because the ticket is a bearer document and whoever presents it claims the prize.

If you think you have won a prize in the Atlantic Lottery, you need to confirm your winning numbers so as to be sure. You can do so through the official Atlantic Lottery website, from newspapers across the Atlantic region, through Facebook, on mobile if you have downloaded the Atlantic Lottery Mobile App, or by calling our customer support phone lines at 1-800-561-3942.

Winnings of up to $250 can be redeemed at lottery retail locations. If your ticket has won between $251 and $9,999, you can redeem your prize at any of Bank of Nova Scotia, which is also known as Scotiabank in Atlantic, Canada or present yourself in person at the Atlantic Lottery’s head office located in Moncton, NB. Players who win $10,000 and above should contact the Atlantic Lottery through the direct phone line 1-800-561-3942 for direction on how to pick their prize. The customer care representative will ask you which method (visiting the head office of Atlantic Lottery in Moncton or one of its Regional Offices in St. John’s, NL or Dartmouth, NS) works best for you and give you all the information you need to know to claim your winnings.

In addition to your winning ticket, you will be required to present a photocopy of your ID card, passport or driving license to ensure that you meet the required age of 19 and above. In case you win as a group, you will be asked to sign a Group Agreement Form before the issuance of payment. All prizes worth $10,000 and above are processed through the head office and it takes between 2 to 5 days before you are called to receive your prize. If you play online and win prizes up to $9,999, they will be deposited directly to your wagering account. The prize money office is open Monday to Friday as from 8.30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m.

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