Using the Law of Average to Aim Bigger Lottery Jackpots

Using the Low of Average in lottery

Can You Improve Your Odds With The Law Of Average?

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to suddenly be the proud owner of millions and millions of dollars? What does it feel like to win a big jackpot? We all daydream of things we would do if we fortunately win the lottery jackpot, but if it was that easy, people who play the lottery would have long been multi billionaires. Can the winning lottery tickets be sniffed out? Can they be predicted? Does the law of average help when playing the lottery? Let’s find out, shall we?

Calling the Law of Average for Winning Millions

A long time ago, when I bought my first lottery ticket, I sat around it and held it in my hand. I couldn’t wait for the next draw – would I be lucky? Will I get to take home a fortune? I started assuming that I won the lottery, what would I do with such a huge amount? Of course winning isn’t easy, but for some people patience is a virtue – you must be hopeful, even if you don’t feel like a winner. Now what if there was a way to increase your winnings significantly? Would you give them a try of would you rather stick to your old methods and policies that have not shown you any signs of progress? Yes you want to give it a shot right? Okay, then let’s look at the law of average for becoming a millionaire for a change.

The Law of Average – A Sensible Way to Lottery Jackpot?

About 70% of busy lottery players, who don’t believe in superstition and myth, have picked their numbers using the quick pick option. But does this mean that the quick pick option is better than the handpicked one? Nope, just because 70% use it, it doesn’t mean it’s better than the hand-picked version; in fact, over 70% of all lottery tickets sold are quick picks. This means that the method of buying the lottery ticket and winning doesn’t necessarily depend on magical numbers and voodoo.

So what’s next? Okay, how about the amount of tickets purchased per drawing? Some avid lottery players would be seeing scooping tickets upon tickets because they believe that the odds of winning is better if you have 10 instead of one ticket. Yep, the odds are better if you purchase bundles of lottery tickets. Now, assuming you bought 10 lottery tickets, what are the odds that one of them is actually a winning ticket? Is there a way of improving your chances of purchasing a winning ticket? Yes. The Law of Average!

You might not be a superstitious person, you might not believe in myth, but the law of average does exist and it applies to the lottery as well as other mathematic or statistic related situation. To explain this better, let’s consider Powerball as an example. Powerball uses 59 main numbers of which five must be chosen as main numbers and one Powerball number between 1 and 39. Now let’s apply the law of average to the lotto drawing. What is the average of the number 59? The average would be 59 ÷ 2 = 29.5.

Now we’re going to take this number and multiply by the number of balls to be drawn and we get 29.5 x 5 – 147.5. This is what we can expect drawn for the first half of the game. Now we would need to figure out the average Powerball number which we can expect to see over time on average. What we need to do now is take 39 ÷ 2 = 19.5. This is the average number which we can expect to see over time in the drawings. Because nothing can be perfect we need to give ourselves some breathing space – window of possible opportunity. With all the calculations above, we would add a 10% window to cover possible scenarios and obtain the best statistical chance of bringing home a lottery jackpot!

To make things clear we came to a conclusion that your first five balls should add up to 147.5 on an average. Now remember the 10% window of possibility? We would add that here to pick numbers that add up to approximately anywhere between 133 and 162. As for the Powerball number, we resulted with the number 19.5, so if we were to add 10% we would safely arrive at about 17 – 22. According to the law of average, these numbers will give us an edge over the rest, giving us a possible chance of winning the lottery jackpot. But does the law of average ‘guarantee’ winning bigger jackpots? No, of course not. But what if you were to use the law of average and play multiple tickets at a time? Don’t you think you have a better chance of winning the jackpot then? It’s a number game and numbers depend on statistics and math. Who knows, maybe one day you might just win that big jackpot that you have always dreamed of (just don’t forget me when you do!).

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