UK ThunderBall Lottery Strategies

UK ThunderBall

The game of UK ThunderBall is devised on the premise of fortune and luck. There can be no strategy that will guarantee you a win of the jackpot. However, some strategies should be followed in order to increase the odds for you to win the prize:

  • Hot and Cold Strategy: This strategy is used by most when choosing the lottery numbers. Here the hot numbers are the ones that have been part of the lottery winning numbers for a long time and they keep popping up at most draws. The cold numbers are the ones that are hardly played. Make sure both numbers are commonly played when you are selecting the lottery numbers.
  • Odd and even strategy: Use both odd and even numbers from the matrix given and make sure that both are present in your lottery ticket. There is no particular combination, but just a mix is required.
  • Wheel Strategy: This concentrates on the smaller jackpots and hence boxes smaller combination of numbers which will increase the odds of winning the secondary prizes that are also present besides the jackpot.
  • Never follow tip services: These tip services will always give you numbers by default which is not unique and given to various other players as well. Choose unique numbers always.
  • Lottery Pooling: This is a great way of increasing the odds favoring you. A large number of people can group together and buy huge amounts of lottery tickets. This way the odds increase and in case of a win, the jackpot must be split amongst the group.

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