Top 50 Lottery Tips

Top 50 lottery tips

Mentioned below are the top 50 lottery tips that will boost your lottery winning chances.

  1. Do not pick the numbers that have already featured in the recent draw. It is highly unlikely that the numbers that have already been drawn will be drawn one more time. So, pick new numbers instead of the ones that have been picked already.
  2. Do not pick numbers based on arithmetic or logical sequences. For instance, picking numbers in a series like 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12 never works. Numbers in lottery draws made by a machine, and the machine never draws in a particular sequence.
  3. Do not use a tip service. You will be stunned to know that a particular tip service provides the same numbers to a whole lot of people.
  4. It is better to pick numbers randomly. Randomly choosing of numbers is probably the most effective & the sensible way of selecting lottery numbers.
  5. Do not pick numbers based on the date of births and the age of your loved ones. In the case of dates you will only have 31 numbers to choose from and therefore this strategy does not work.
  6. Before you start to play any lottery, make yourself aware of it. Carry out thorough research on the lottery. Collect all the facts before you spend your money on buying its ticket.
  7. Whenever you get an email or an SMS saying that you have won prizes even when you have not played that lottery, rest assured, it is a scam. There are no free lunches in the world.
  8. Always remember that the lottery is a game of luck. So do not get disheartened if you don’t win any prize. Keep playing and you will surely win big someday. Perseverance is the key.
  9. Carefully select which lottery to play. It is always better to play the well-known and established lotteries than plunge your money into lesser known ones.
  10. Make yourself aware of the rules of all the lotteries. Although rules of all the lotteries are the same, they have slight variations here and theirs. Make sure you are aware of them.
  11. Know the odds of each lottery. Knowing the odds of winning would help you make the right decision as to which lottery you should play.
  12. Do not play 7 ball games if you want to win frequently. Play lotteries with 6 or 5 ball games since you would have a much better odds of winning.
  13. Also, do not play lotteries with the highest amount of numbers. Always play lotteries with lower numbers since the odds of you winning a prize will be much higher.
  14. It is better not to play lotteries that use a computer to pick the numbers since a computer could be preprogrammed to pick a specific set of numbers from the beginning.
  15. In calculating your odds of winning you may seek the help of various online odds calculator. Online odds calculators are an excellent tool for knowing the odds of particular lotteries.
  16. If you want to know the numbers that have been drawn in the past, then the best way to know that is through a lottery software. You can easily buy this software online. But before you buy any lottery software, make sure it is not a scam, and it has a good reputation with the lottery players.
  17. Always buy lottery tickets with your own money. Borrowing money from someone to buy a lottery ticket is not such a good idea. There is still a risk the person you borrow the money from may ask for a share of the winning if you win a prize since the ticket was bought from his money. In case you don’t win, you may find it difficult to repay the money you borrowed.
  18. Never put money from the family budget or other essential things into buying lottery tickets. Family and other things should always come first. You should only spend money on playing lotteries after taking care of all the other vital things in life.
  19. Buy your ticket yourself. Do not ask a friend or a neighbor to buy the ticket for you. In case, you do not win you will only have yourself to blame.
  20. If possible play lottery in a group. Yes, you will have to share the winnings with other members of the group, but it will also lower the cost each member would have had to bear if they had played on their own.
  21. If you can, buy more than one lottery ticket. Playing with multiple tickets increases your chances of winning prize manifold. But it indeed depends on the kind of money you have with you.
  22. Never throw away your ticket till the draw has taken place & you are sure that you haven’t won any prize. The lottery is a game of luck. Luck can change in a fraction of a second. Throwing away the ticket thinking you will not win anything might mean you are throwing away your luck.
  23. Always keep your ticket in a safe place. Losing a lottery ticket might cost you more than the amount you spent to buy it. It might also mean that someone else will now have the chance to win a million dollar jackpot instead of you. So always be careful as to where you keep your lottery ticket.
  24. Many people tend to draw a zigzag pattern on their lottery playslip. You should avoid this. It only makes the playslip look ugly and does not serve any other purpose.
  25. It is always better to talk to people who have won or at least, have played lotteries before. It will give you a sense of what you need to do to play the lottery online. But do not blindly follow what they say. Always use your intelligence while making important decisions like choosing numbers, lotteries, etc.
  26. It is always a good idea to play lotteries with lower jackpots since less number of players plays those lotteries. So the competition will be less.
  27. Do not buy a quick pick ticket. It has been seen that tickets picked by humans have a higher chance of winning prizes than a computer picked ticket.
  28. It is always better to play lotteries that award money or prizes if a sequence of number is played, such as two pairs in a row.
  29. If you are playing a lottery that requires numbers be won in a particular sequence, the always remember to ‘box’ your selection of numbers. This means the numbers won can be picked in any order.
  30. It is always advisable that you play lotteries that offer bonus prizes for an extra number. Powerball & Megamillions are two examples of such lotteries that provide bonus prizes for lottery wins.
  31. For research purposes, the best source is the internet. Just Google the lottery you wish to play on and find out more info about it.
  32. There are sites available on the net that would help you find the numbers that may be picked in the next draw. You can check them out as well. But it is always better to pick the numbers yourself.
  33. It is important to keep playing. Playing once or twice will not get you anything unless you are damn lucky. So perseverance is the key to having a big jackpot in your pocket.
  34. If you normally play 5 lines a week, then it makes sense for you to play 10 lines every two weeks or 20 lines in a month. But never play more than you can afford to lose.
  35. Choose numbers which are less likely to be picked by other players. If that number wins the jackpot then you would not have to share the money with anyone else.
  36. Do not be overoptimistic about your chances of winning. It is more likely that you would not win any prize. So be realistic about your chances and do not build castles in the air.
  37. Sign the ticket immediately after you buy it. It does not matter who bought the ticket. Whosoever signs the ticket wins the prize. So in case you lose the ticket it is better to have it signed previously.
  38. Prepare for the spotlight. Because if and when you win the lottery a lot of attention will be focused on you. Both good & bad people would be after you. The media will want to know the secret of your success. There will also be criminal elements who will try to have their share of the pie.
  39. If you have the option then always take your payout in a lump sum amount. You will also have the option of taking the amount over a long period. But considering the lump sum amount is always better because it will then earn more significant interest for you in the bank.
  40. If & when you win a lottery, it is always better that you change your mailing address & phone numbers since a lot of people will try to contact you and not all of them will have good intentions.
  41. If you win a lottery then it is a good idea to hire a security team who will look after your security. This is the most vulnerable period in the life of a lottery winner. So it always better to be protected by professionals.
  42. Install a full-fledged security system for your home. If you are building or buying a new home for yourself, then ask the builder to install a system for you.
  43. Hire financial advisors who will guide through the business jungle. Do not put all your faith in family and friends as they may not have the required experience as well as the expertise to handle such a large sum of money.
  44. It is entirely reasonable to be a little adventurous after you win big in the lottery. You will go out partying with friends, buy properties, and spend on your friends. That is ok up to a limit. Too much unnecessary spending on money might bring you back to where you have been before you won the lottery. So be careful about your spending.
  45. Invest your winnings carefully & in a well-planned manner. You would most probably win once. So make the most of it.
  46. Always make sure you check out the results of the lotteries right after the draw has taken place. Do not lose out on that.
  47. After checking out the results, make sure you claim your prize if you have won any, as soon as you can. There are usually six months given to the winners within which they have to claim their prize. Otherwise, it lapses beyond six months if no claim is made. So, place your claim as soon as the draw is over.
  48. When you start to win smaller prizes, do not invest all that money into lottery looking for a bigger jackpot. Make sure you save some amount for yourself and your loved ones.
  49. The lottery is a game where you should always follow your instincts. This is the best way to play the game.
  50. Lastly, always remember that it is not the end of life if you do not win prizes in a lottery. There is no need to get disheartened if you fail to win. Keep playing and your luck will undoubtedly change one day.

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