Tips to help you predict the EuroJackpot winning numbers


The Eurojackpot is the recent exciting addition to the lottery world. The lottery game was developed with the purpose of coming up with competition for the extremely popular transnational lottery game, the EuroMillions. Players win the jackpot by matching the seven numbers from the Eurojackpot draw.

Matching the winning numbers from any lottery game is not an easy task. Sometimes it takes more than luck to scoop the jackpot prize. The Eurojackpot is not an exception to this. Players have to be aware of the strategies that will enable them to match the numbers from a lottery draw. Fortunately, Eurojackpot players can use some strategies in selecting the numbers on their online lottery tickets.

Check the EuroJackpot draw number history

This is the golden rule for any player who wants to match the EuroJackpot numbers. The best way to do this, is frequently visiting lottery websites to check the winning numbers from a previous draw. You can also use search engines such as Google or Bing to conveniently check the past winning numbers. Checking the past winning numbers will give you the opportunity to notice the trend that the winning numbers follow. You can use the information gathered to come up with numbers for your next EuroJackpot tickets.

Keep an eye for ‘unusual’ number combinations

At times, the EuroJackpot winning numbers go out of the norm and unusual number combination may come up. The unusual number combinations include three consecutive numbers sticking together like …34, 35, 36, 37… or …15,16,17,18… You can also look out for numbers that are out of sequence. You never know if the sequence may also appear in the next EuroJackpot winning numbers.

Play the lucky dip/quick pick

Contrary to popular belief that the lucky dip is detrimental to your winning chances, playing the lucky dip may just be what you require to match the EuroJackpot winning numbers. The lucky dip chooses a unique and random number combination for your ticket. The human brain is incapable of doing this as it spreads out the number sequence rather than choosing a random number combination. Playing the lucky dip may give you the number that matches the random number combination from the next EuroJackpot.

Check out the EuroJackpot Lotto rules as well.