The Ultimate Lottery System – Lottery Wheels

The Ultimate Lottery System - Lottery Wheels

Lottery players are constantly on the lookout for the next big thing. For years, thousands of lottery players have made attempts to come up with the perfect approach to the lottery that will get steady, certain lottery returns. Ever since the 1970s, lottery wheels have been the best approach to securing these lottery prizes. It works differently than many of you might’ve assumed, that’s, if you’ve never heard of lottery wheels.

Over the past few decades, lottery wheels have evolved to contemporary lottos. After all, lotteries come with different game rules, and it’s essential that you apply different tactics and strategies if you want to excel.

There’s no one set of numbers that will perform great in all lotteries. However, once you get the hang of lottery wheels, there’s nothing in your way!

Hard to Understand, Easy to Apply

The biggest problem with lottery wheels is that  players find it difficult to understand what the objective of lottery wheels. In a way, lottery wheels reward players that have bigger budgets. This makes them ideal for lottery syndicates and lottery clubs. Although great, many of you do not have the opportunity to pool your resources with other lottery players, because of many reasons.

Lottery wheels secure decent returns. They’re not a one shot miracle, in other words, you will have to buy hundreds of lottery tickets every single draw, but bear in mind, you will have decent returns, that will hopefully, allow you to break even.

I think this is the moment I should bring it up. Lottery Wheels do not guarantee you a jackpot, although, it can happen if the stars align. Heck, if the stars align, you can with the jackpot even if you don’t apply any particular approach to the lottery. Now, when I think about it, the lottery is really cruel sometimes.

Fundamentals of Lottery Wheels – Crash Course

In order to discuss lottery wheels with other lottery players you must know the essentials. For starters, lottery wheels cover a range of numbers. Depending on this range, the lottery rules and the lottery budget, you can identify the lottery wheel you’re using. For example,  you can hear something like 3 if 4 of 15. 3 in this case is the numbers you need to hit on a lottery ticket to win. 4 represents how many numbers out of your number range must be among the winning ones to win. Lastly, the 15 represents how many numbers you have in your range.

The bigger your number range is, the bigger your budget needs to be. This is the entry barrier for many players. Also, it should be duly noted that Lottery Wheels do not GUARANTEE you will always break even. Instead, you will win more often. Eventually, you will have a list of frequent numbers, that, you can cover and get higher returns.

Types of Lottery Wheels

As I said earlier, a few different lottery wheels have popped up. Depending on the rules of the lottery you’re playing, you should pick the most appropriate one. Furthermore, you should also base your decision on your budget. Fortunately, there is a lottery wheeling system that’s great for people with limited budgets. I’m going to start with that particular one, because you might be disappointed if you learn about the other ones first.

  • Abbreviated Wheels – If you’re playing the lottery by yourself, meaning you’re not in a lottery syndicate or a lottery club, this is the type of wheels you can use. Why? Because it doesn’t require such a big budget. However, this comes at a price. It guarantees that at least one ticket will be a winning one. It takes more effort to eliminate numbers that won’t come up for sure. Then again, you’re in this by yourself, and you’re behind the steering wheel.
  • Key Wheels – This is an improved version of the Abbreviated Wheel because it comes with an extra Key Number. You should carefully pick your Key Number because it will be on all of your tickets. If you’re 100% sure this number will come up, and it does, you increase your returns by a huge margin. Most players who have used abbreviated wheels, eventually start using the Key Wheels.
    Now, don’t try to experiment with 2 Key Numbers. If you do this, you’re missing the point of the  Key Wheels. Furthermore, it will affect your budget, your spending and your overall returns.
  • Full Wheels – Use Full Wheels only if you’re in a lottery syndicate, a lottery club, or if you have a large budget. Full Wheels cover all numbers in your range. Basically, they guarantee you will win several prizes if 3 or more numbers are drawn, depending on the rules of course. However, and this is a big HOWEVER, it will take a lot of lottery tickets to cover all numbers, and to cover them fully!

Don’t Despair, There’s Software that Can Do All of This For You

If you started worrying that it will take a lot of effort to apply any of these, stop right there. We live in an age where people connect and help each other. Everybody has a smartphone, and the majority knows how to use one. With a bit of researching, you can find apps that can do all of this for you. In other words, you do not need to be a mathematician, but you still need to have a good understanding of lottery wheels and the lottery in general.

In a way, apps make lottery wheels easy to learn, but hard to master. After all, what’s the point of applying lottery wheels if they’re  not fruitful. Once again, even if you are not successful in the beginning, do not get disappointed. Any Lottery Wheel is just a tool that gives you the edge to see things clearly, to narrow down the number range and eventually, win the lottery, or start winning at the very least.

One Step at a Time – Mistakes Comes at High Cost

By now, you must’ve noticed how I stress the importance of getting familiar with lottery wheels, before you apply them. This is the case because any mistakes come at a high price. You will be buying more than a hundred lottery tickets if say you’re going for the Key Wheels. If you say you go to the extremes with Full Wheels, you will eventually break the bank if you’re the sole budget provider.

Start slow, with Abbreviated Wheels, move up to Key Wheels, and, only, and I say only, if you feel confident enough, ask a friend to pool his/her resources with you and go for the Full Wheels.

I know that what lottery wheels promise, they can fulfill, but the results may come later on, and your budget might not support that. It is a double edge sword, with both edges being sharp enough to end your lottery adventures for good.

Now, I’m not into any lottery wheels, but I had a great time with Key Wheels. Wheeling was too much for me. I tend to experiment quite a lot, but these experiments are based on refined analysis. The Lottery Wheels do not give me that freedom.