SuperLotto Plus Strategy

SuperLotto Plus

Winning SuperLotto Plus depends mostly on the luck of the player. It’s a lottery. But, there are undoubtedly specific measures that you can take which would go a long way in increasing your chances of winning in the SuperLotto Plus. Here are some of those SuperLotto Plus strategies.

  • When you are picking your SuperLotto Plus numbers, make sure your numbers have a healthy mix of odd and even numbers. The right ratio of odd and even numbers for SuperLotto Plus is either 3:2 or 2:3. It has been seen that one of these two patterns is drawn in more than 65% of the draws.
  • Take a close look at the draws of the recent past and try and figure out a pattern. You will notice that one or more of the number groups are not represented in any or most of the draws. That will give you a hint on which numbers to avoid and which numbers to pick.
  • After you have chosen all your numbers, add them together. Make sure that the sum of those numbers is between 89 and 151. It has been seen that jackpot winning combinations in SuperLotto Plus have a sum in this range more than 70% of the time.
  • It has also been seen that more than 53% of the time, at least one number from the previous draw gets chosen. So factor this thing into account while picking your numbers.
  • There are other strategies like Balanced Wheel system which can help you increase your chances of winning in SuperLoto Plus.

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