Playing the Sweden Lotto Game

Sweden Lotto

The Sweden Lotto is one of the oldest lottery games in the world. It started way back in 1896 and it was operated by a company by the name Lotteriexpedition. The first tickets for the Sweden lottery were sold in 1897 and have continued to be sold to date.

Since its inception, the Sweden lotto game has undergone several changes. It was at first operated through the Swedish, but after some time the company Svenska Spel officially runs the Swedish lotto. The Svenska Spel is recognized by the government as the sole company to run the lottery enterprises in Sweden.

The company licenses several games, but the Langen, Bomben, Stryktipset and the Sweden lotto stand out in terms of popularity. According to the lottery players’ numbers, the Sweden Lotto stands out prominently as their first choice in lotteries.

The Swedish features ion the easiest lotteries to win in the world. This is the most probable reason that sends most of the players to the game. The lottery game involves the players picking seven numbers from the pool. Although at first this may appear harder, it is actually not.

The pool only consists of 35 numbers compared to 59 numbers that a typical lottery has. Through this, the lottery player has excellent and favorable odds to take home the jackpot. The draw of the game takes place twice a week, every Wednesday and Sunday.

The Swedish lottery has a progressive jackpot. This means that the jackpot will continue to increase in size week after week in case the winner of the jackpot is yet to be found. The terms of the Swedish get better as it also includes additional prizes.

The additional prize is offered through the picking of a Swedish lotto joker. The feature is known as Dromvisten meaning “Dream Profit”. You get to win the Dromvisten by matching the seven winning numbers together with the two additional numbers picked.

The player also gets to win a prize by matching 4,5,6,7 plus the joker number. The Sweden lottery is offered at the local kiosks and there is also an option where the players can buy their tickets online. The age limit for players is 18, only adults are allowed to enjoy this great game.

The Sweden lottery also has a quick pick; therefore, you do not have to the seven numbers. The Swedish on average creates about 100millionaires every year. This means that in every month an average of eight lottery players is introduced to the millionaire’s lifestyle exclusively through the Sweden lottery.

In certain year, the Sweden lottery made a record of 272 millionaires!  The odds of winning the Sweden lottery jackpot stands at 1 in 6,720,000. However, for the second prize the odd go down to rest at 1 in 240,161.

The odds of the third prize are at 1 in 40,027. For the fourth prize, the players have an odd of 1 in 847. An indication that the Swedish lottery is indeed the easiest there is the odds of a player receiving the third prize are at just 1 in 59. Another cool thing is that the winners of the jackpot are not obliged to paying taxes to their winning.

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