New York Lotto Tips

New York Lotto

New York Lotto changed its format in 2001 and adopted the 6/59 format, meaning a player has to choose 6 numbers out of a pool of 59 numbers (1-59). New York Lotto has one of the lowest payout rates of all the lotteries in the US. But if you are still interested in playing New York Lottery then here are certain New York Lotto tips for your benefit.

  • Buy your tickets early to avoid the eleventh hour rush. Buying a ticket early gives you ample time to rationally choose the numbers you want to choose and it also makes you avoid those long queues outside lottery outlets.
  • Playing in a lottery syndicate ensures you can play with multiple tickets which increases your chances of winning a prize and also brings down the cost of buying tickets.
  • If you win a prize, then claim the prize as soon as possible. Although, with New York Lotto a player gets a stipulated time period of 1 year to claim their prize, but it is always better to claim the prize as soon as the winner is announced.
  • Buying your tickets online ensures the safety and the security of your ticket. It guarantees against loss and theft of your ticket since the agency you buy the ticket from will keep it under lock and key till the winners of the draw are announced.
  • Sign your tickets immediately after you buy it. Remember, the winnings of a ticket go to the person who signs the ticket and not to the person who buys it.

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