Mega Sena Strategies

Mega Sena lottery

In Mega Sena a player has to pick six numbers out of 1 through 60 and match those six numbers with the numbers drawn at the Mega Sena draw to win the jackpot. The odds of winning in Mega Sena are 50,063,860. The number pool of Mega Sena is the second largest in the lottery world. There are certain strategies that a player can adopt to increase his chances of winning a prize in Mega Sena. Some of those time tested Mega Sena strategies are mentioned below.

  • Have a mix of odd and even numbers when you are picking your numbers for Mega Sena. It rarely happens that all odd numbers or all even numbers, get drawn in a Mega Sena draw. The right ratio of odd and even numbers for Mega Sena draw is either 4:2 or 2:4 or 3:3. Odd and even numbers, get drawn more than 84% of the times in Mega Sena Draws.
  • In Mega Sena, you can pick more than six numbers on a ticket. A player is allowed to pick as many as 15 numbers on a ticket. So always choose this option and pick more than one number. This will definitely increase your chances of winning Mega Sena tremendously.
  • Have a healthy balance of low (1-30) and high numbers (31-60) numbers when you are picking your Mega Sena numbers. In almost 79% of draws both high and low numbers are chosen.
  • After you have chosen your six numbers, add them up and make sure the sum is somewhere between 140 and 226. 70% of all Mega Sena lottery jackpot combinations till date had a sum total falling within this range.
  • In almost 46% of the times, one number from the previous Mega Sena draw gets picked in the very next draw. So keep this in mind when you are choosing your Mega Sena numbers.