Mega Millions Lottery Tips

USA Mega Millions

Mega Millions is one of the most popular lotteries in the US. Millions of people play this lottery every week hoping to win its much coveted jackpot. But most of them fail in their quest. Here are some important Mega Million tips to ensure you win at least some amount of money the next time you play the lottery.

  • Buy your tickets early and buy them online. Playing online is the much safer and convenient option since you would not have to go out to a lottery outlet to buy your ticket and since your ticket will be there on the net, the chances of it getting lost are also nil.
  • It is always better to play multiple tickets since it increases your chances of winning a great deal.
  • Playing in a pool lessens your burden as far as ticket costs are concerned and it also enables you to buy more tickets which is always a good thing when you are playing the Mega Millions.
  • Pick your numbers carefully. Do not pick numbers that have been drawn in recent draws. Also pick your numbers in a manner that gives you a better chance of winning at least some sort of a prize by matching some of the numbers.
  • Always claim your prize early if you win any. If you are late in claiming your prize, then you might not get anything at all since there is a stipulated time period within which a player has to claim his winnings.

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