Make winning the lottery your financial plan

Winning the lottery

Don`t be mad about the winning the lottery

There are not many ways to get rich by purchasing lottery tickets, and the odds of actually matching all the numbers are slim to say the least. Contrary to popular belief, winning the lottery is not the only way of saving a significant amount of money and people should always play with moderation. Although the price of a lottery ticket is not considerable and it might appear that buying tickets once or twice per week won’t set you back financially, it is worth taking a look at the broader picture.

Resist the temptation of buying many tickets

It goes without saying that the only way of actually boosting your chances to win the jackpot is to increase the number of tickets. Adding more numbers on a ticket has the same effect, but the unintended consequence of such an action is paying a higher amount on a weekly basis. The odds of winning the lottery are stacked against players, and although they are slightly improved by following one of the aforesaid methods, you’re still going to be a huge underdog.

Finding a healthy ratio between the burning desire to improve your chances and the reasonable action of keeping the expenses moderate, is essential. The dream of winning a jackpot shouldn’t cloud your judgment and making winning the lottery your financial plan is not a sound idea. Many players assume that if they start purchasing tickets at an early age and never miss a draw, they will eventually win enough money to offset the expenses. Unfortunately this is not even remotely true and while the costs mount, the odds of winning remain just as low.

Play the lottery for fun

Don’t bank on winning the lottery and accept the fact that by simply saving the money that you spend on a weekly basis on lottery tickets, you will save a significant amount. If your weekly expenses are frequently double digit ones, this means that after 40 years or so you would save in excess of $100,000 by simply pocketing this money. It is not uncustomary for players to purchase tickets for several draws, because they hope that one day they will be winning the lottery and all of these financial efforts will be justified.

Retirement savings calculators can help players put things into perspective, and in most cases such a simple and inexpensive experiment will cause an epiphany. The bottom line is that people should play the lottery as a hobby and only when they can afford to purchase tickets, without making the games the number one priority. There is nothing wrong in keeping the dream of winning the lottery alive, but it is a mistake to count on this outcome when making any financial plans.

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