Lotto Numbers Combination to Avoid

Lotto numbers combination to avoid

Various lottery players waste a lot of money purchasing lottery tickets that have losing number combinations. The lottery numbers need to be selected wisely. This requires selecting those numbers which have better odds especially for lotto games like the Mega Millions which have low winning. Careful selection ensures not only higher chances of winning, but it is a cost-effective method and prevents you from wasting too much money.

Select Unique Number Combinations: Avoid Previously Drawn Numbers

There are lotto players who believe that betting on already-won lotto numbers will also translate to them winning the jackpot as well. This is a gross misconception and such a selection method must be avoided at all times. Once a lottery number combination has won there is no such guarantee that the same combination will win the future again. The odds of the same number repeating are very small and almost nil.

5 Consecutive Numbers Should Never Be Selected

The fact that 5 numbers will appear consecutively in that order is not likely to happen. The chances of 4 numbers appearing consecutively are in itself a rare phenomenon. Most lotto games rarely have seen this happen. The Mega Millions number format has only 3 consecutive numbers that occur after seven drawings. This means that it is only one percent of the drawings.

One Lotto Number Group Should Be Avoided

There are several number groups to choose from while playing the lotto. It is best to avoid choosing the 5 lotto numbers from only one group. Try to mix and match all the numbers from each group while playing the lotto.

Steer Clear Away from the Combination of 1-2-3-4-5

The combination of 1 2 3 4 5 is the most often played by most lotto players. There are many sales of tickets made of this drawing and this leads to no-win for the players. The drawings are random and hence this order is highly unlikely to occur.


Pattern betting is a commonly used method through which bet slips are made. This means that the numbers are marked according to their placements in the row. The selection is made drawing a straight line, either vertically or horizontally in order to get higher chances. This means, in case of a win, the prize will be split according to others who have made the same pattern.

Prevent Number Multiples

This is a popular method of selecting number multiples like 3 9 15 21 etc. This does not increase any odds, but only decreases them and should be avoided.

Do Not Select Same Last Number Digits

There are people who select numbers with the same last digit hoping that this will ensure a win. Combinations like 4 14 24 34 44 etc should be avoided. This is a superstitious belief which does not result in higher odds or any such chance of winning. It is best to be as random as possible. Mega Millions drawing has rarely seen any win based on this number. The chances of this occurring are very low.


There are people who will only choose numbers from the low number group. Mega Millions provide a number set of 1 to 51 and hence numbers should be selected from both extremes. It is advisable to avoid selecting numbers only from the low group. Ensure that the numbers have the right balance of low and high which will improve the chances of winning the lotto than by selecting just low numbers.

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