Lotto 649 Tips

Lotto 649

Lotto 649 is Canada’s contribution to the lottery world. It has a simple 6/49 format that has been played since 1982. If you are a Lotto 649 player, then there are certain things you would need to keep in mind. The purpose of this piece of writing is to educate you about those Lotto 649 Tips.

  • Playing Lotto 649 in a syndicate is probably the best idea to increase your chances of winning some prizes in Lotto 649. It will drastically bring down the cost of buying lottery tickets and thus, it will enable you to play with multiple tickets.
  • Always play online. Buying lottery tickets online is the safest mode of playing the lottery. It ensures against loss and theft of lottery tickets.
  • Pick your numbers carefully. Be rational while picking your numbers. Do not pick numbers based on a tipping service or based on the date of births, age, etc. of your family members and loved ones.
  • Carry out thorough research before you play Lotto 649. The research would help you gather more info about the drawings, rules, jackpots, etc.
  • Use reputable lottery software to carry out this research. Make sure the software is genuine and is well accepted in the lottery community.

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