Lotto 649 Strategies

Lotto 649

Just like any other lottery, Canada’s Lotto 649 can also be deciphered. There are some strategies which are sure to give your chances of winning a big boost. These strategies have been followed by many people in the past and they have also been quite successful. For your convenience, we have listed some of those important lotto 649 strategies below.

  • When you are picking your numbers, make sure you have a healthy balance of odd and even numbers. The right ratio of odd and even numbers for Lotto 649 is either 4:2 or 2:4 or 3:3. In more than 80% of the draws, the number combinations have a mix of odd and even numbers in this ratio.
  • Also, you should never pick all the low numbers or all high numbers in your number selection. Pick the low numbers (1-25) and the high numbers (26-49) in the same ratio as the odd and even numbers. This also increases your chances of winning by as much as 81%.
  • Use a comprehensive lottery system to find out the number groups that are not normally picked in the Lotto 649 draws. Once you find them out, you will be at a great advantage compared to other players who don’t know that.
  • After you have chosen all your numbers make sure that the sum total of those numbers falls somewhere in the range of 115 to 185. 70% of all lottery jackpots won in Lotto 649 have a sum total within this given range.
  • At least 43% of the times, one number from the previous draw gets drawn in the very next draw. Take this factor into account when you are choosing your numbers.

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