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Lottery syndicate guidance

Yes, you have read it before but this is different. Other sites will promise to give you “secret formulas to winning the lottery” but what you should know is the naked truth. The odds are all the same and the only way to guarantee you the jackpot is buying tickets with all the number combinations possible. When you do the math, this is not a wise investment as it will only waste your time and money.

However, there are some proven tips that can help you the player or players get some guidance on how you or they can play the lottery. These tips work on strategy hence one should be open minded and patient. It will only take getting used to so, better start reading this.

This article goes about spreading your chances of winning. The only way you can do this whilst on a budget is to play a syndicate.

Playing a Lottery Syndicate

Playing as a pack means spreading the risk and sharing the spoils.  The best way to play as a pack is to keep a record of your numbers and play them every week. One should give each member of the pack the concerned number and when you meet again, you should have new strategies for the next game. Here are some useful tips to use while playing as a syndicate.

Playing large scale

Consider buying tickets spanning over a long period of time the lottery is running. This allows one to play one set at a particular week and have written the other numbers for the rest of the other weeks.

Regular meets

Meet on the regular and discuss if your strategy is moving forwards. Lookout for loopholes and discuss with your pack the way forwards and also to get the opinions of your fellow players if they are happy with the way the syndicate is moving forwards or if they want out.

Playing bigger, winning bigger

Consider playing rollover jackpot games as a pack as they offer greater value for money. One may also consider playing more lines since this provides greater chances of winning even greater prizes. Though this is a great idea, one should consider inquiring from the team about this idea since it is not a one man show.

Management of the syndicate

In order to maintain order and ensure the smooth flow of operations, ensure that there is an orderly manner in which things are done. For a large sized syndicate, it is better to use a PC to manage the plays by storing the addresses of each individual, keep winning records in spreadsheets and enable one gain access of the winning numbers through the Internet.

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