Let’s Talk About Powerball Software – Does It Even Exist?

Powerball software

Powerball Software – A Thing of Much Dilemma

Now you already know, if you don’t please remember, you cannot, I repeat, cannot win the lottery using any software! It’s impossible, it doesn’t work, it’s not sensible, it’s not worth it, and it doesn’t work. Nevertheless, it’s always fun to see what’s out there in the market, what keeps people going and what these so called software gurus are up to! Sometimes it disturbs me to know that people believe in them, they might have won some amount, but definitely not a jackpot by using the Powerball software. It’s just next to impossible in my opinion. But if you still want to go ahead, well that’s just your call!

Lotto Variant System – Created By the Lottery Godfather Professor Bluskov

You must think that as a lottery godfather, this Professor Iliya Bluskov must have amassed millions and millions in lottery jackpot, right? Wrong. Here’s what I found on the internet when I typed his name, “Professor Iliya Bluskov promotes deceitful claims for Lotto Covers or Wheels”. Wow not a very nice way to head up the success ladder. And here’s a reply to his software by a very brave heart,

“This is nothing more than another guru selling his own plan to suckers who are idiotic enough to fall for it! So… gun down everyone else’s “secret sauce” to riches to promote your own for profit. A joke. Prove what you are claiming actually works, instead of shooting down others who are no better than this. A ploy to rip off your money folks! Move on if you’re smart.”

Anyone up for this Powerball software? Moving on.

Powerball Winning Strategies by Alex J – The Nerd Who Couldn’t Get Creative

Okay, really? Who even comes up with these Powerball strategies? Okay, let me get this straight, you need a secret code and what not just to unlock the magical powers of these strategies? And this secret code will be sold by “Alex” for a handsome amount – an amount you can use to buy more lottery tickets to better your odds. One question, if this Alex does have a secret code, wouldn’t he have been filthy rich by now? Why would he even sell it? D’oh, what do you think we are, idiots?

Lotto Aim – The Best Out There *Yawn*

I have no words… I’m speechless. After seeing the cost of $79.9, I nevermind’ed it. Yes, it supports Powerball among other lotteries, I don’t know why and who comes up with these software programs. What the heck is wrong with you people?! Why you no come up with something that makes sense to other people?

My Opinion on Powerball Software

Please, please, please just look away. I have never been so annoyed at these so called self-acclaimed gurus who come out openly with crap software to help people win the lottery. If they needed the money so bad, they could have taken up a regular job instead of fooling innocent people into buying software that don’t even work. But these people have the courage to do so and you know why? Because we’re lottery lovers and like any lover, if someone promises us that we will find our love if we do or buy this, we do so blindly… but lotteries are a game of luck, and unless someone can buy you some hard luck, don’t believe it.